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Bonus Podcast: A Conversation with Andreas Bentele from Fortis

In this bonus episode of the Worn & Wound podcast, Zach Kazan and Kat Shoulders sit down with Andreas Bentele, Marketing Manager at Fortis Watches. If you’ve been to a Windup Watch Fair recently, you may have met Andreas in the Fortis booth, where he and his team are always finding innovative ways to introduce their watches to the public. This year their booth had a tranquil, boutique-like feel, and it was a great place to experience Fortis in person. 

In this conversation, Andreas chats with Zach and Kat about what makes Fortis special, spending a great deal of time focusing on the brand’s history and heritage when it comes to space exploration. Fortis watches go through some pretty serious testing to ensure they can stand up to just about anything, including a burgeoning space tourism industry! They also talk about the unique collecting culture among Fortis enthusiasts, and Andreas gives a hint as to what might be coming from Fortis later in the year. 


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