The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 112: Retail and Limited Editions with Rob Caplan of Topper Fine Jewelers

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On the show this week, I have Rob Caplan, the the co-owner of a family-run watch and jewelry store out in Burlingame California called Topper Fine Jewelers, and Chad Tsagris, the head of Laco USA. This week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop.

A little bit of backstory on today’s episode. Late last year, I flew out to Burlingame for a launch event for a watch that many of you are probably already familiar with if you read the site on a regular basis — the Laco Flieger Limited Topper Edition. This was Topper’s big end-of-year release, and I had known about the project for some time as Rob worked with Laco through its many stages of development in 2019 and offered sneak peaks along the way. When the watch was finally ready, Rob invited some media and influencers out to his store in Burlingame to be among the first people to see the watch in the metal. To learn more about the watch and my coverage of the launch party, click here.

Russ Caplan (Topper), Sebastian Maziossek (Laco), Chad Tsagris (Laco), and Rob Caplan (Topper) at the Laco launch event.
Laco Flieger Limited Topper Edition.
Bay-Area watch heads out in full force at the launch event.
Some past Topper LEs.

I’ve known Rob for a few years, and I consider him a friend. I also happen to be a very satisfied Topper customer (I picked up the Black Bay Fifty-Eight currently sitting on my wrist from Topper’s pre-owned selection). So I wanted to get Rob and Chad on the podcast to talk about the watch and what it took to get it made, because, as you’ll learn from this episode, it wasn’t easy for Laco’s suppliers. But I also wanted to get Rob on the show to talk a little bit about what it’s like to be a retailer today, and how he’s found success at a time when traditional retail continues to struggle.

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Show Notes

Some of Topper’s past limited editions covered on Worn & Wound

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