The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 255: Impulse Purchases, The Tudor Ranger, & Too Many Watches

Today on the Worn & Wound Podcast, Kat Shoulders and Zach Weiss take over for a vacationing Blake Buettner, and a locked-out-of-his-house Zach Kazan. On the docket for discussion are those pesky impulsive watch purchases at events like the Windup Watch Fair; how you know you’ve approached the threshold of having too many watches (if there is such a thing); and finally some additional thoughts on the recently released Tudor Ranger. There’s plenty more that slips in, from how much water resistance is or isn’t enough, to how sentimental we are with watches, and whether or not that affects or decision to sell or keep.

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Show Notes

Zach Weiss wrist check – Zenith Chronomaster Original

Zach’s Tudor Black Bay Pro

W&W Podcast ep. 252 with Romain Marietta

Kat Shoulders’ wrist check – Monta Sqyquest LE

W&W Podcast ep. 254 Windup Watch Fair Interviews

Windup Watch Fair Recap

Sō Labs 

Zach’s Louis Erard

William Wood Watches

Oris Hölstein Edition

Oris Pro Pilot X

Kat’s Bulova Hack

Green Tool Box

Zach’s SBGA375

Seiko 5 x Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary LE

Tudor Ranger

British North Greenland Expedition

Kat’s Speedmaster MKII

Tudor Black Bay 36

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