Rolex Goes Destro With New GMT-Master II 126720VTNR

Rolex continues to build on their GMT-Master II collection with a surprising new reference 126710VTNR. Not only does the newest example get a black and green bezel, it gets a left handed crown set up. This curveball from Rolex joins the BLRO and BLNR models, which look to remain safe for another year in the line up. No sign of the LN returning. This marks the first time we’ve seen three unique bezel colors offered simultaneously by Rolex, and as eyebrow raising as the new bezel colors are, the real surprise here is the crown migrating to the other side of the case, and they’ve brought the date window and cyclops with them. 

The newest GMT, which is refreshingly bereft of a nickname for the time being, gets all the same features we’ve come to know and love (or hate) with the GMT-Master II, from the 40mm steel case, ceramic bezel, and of course the fabulous 3285 caliber inside providing the GMT functionality with independently adjustable hour hand. Obviously, the movement required some technical alterations to support the new case layout, but this is largely the same GMT we’ve seen since 2018.


Visually, the VTNR (VerT/NoiR)is a departure from the established Rolex colorways, as the green and black are a new combination, and represent the first new bezel combo since the 116710BLNR was released in 2013. Green has been en vogue in recent years, and Rolex has made good use of it within the Submariner collection, which currently houses a fully green bezel reference in the 126610LV. With this GMT, the bottom half gets what looks to be a shade brighter than that of the Sub, pairing with the black top and an accompanying green stemmed GMT hand. 

The crown placement at the 9 o’clock side of the case is also a first for Rolex, and is exclusive to this particular colorway. This is a look that will take some getting used to, particularly with the date and cyclops appearing in place of the 9 o’clock hour marker. The move will be welcome by the southpaws out there, who traditionally wear their watches on the right wrist. As for the why of the move, well, that remains unknown but it’s nothing if not surprising from a brand that not doesn’t often stray from their own beaten path. 

In total this is a welcome departure from business as usual for the GMT collection, and while the new layout likely won’t convert anyone out there who didn’t already have a thing for these watches (it’s still very much a modern Rolex), having more options (and hopefully more inventory) is certainly welcome. Additionally, any time Rolex deviates from the expected, especially in a way that’s not explicitly functional, it fleshes out some of their character a bit further. 

The GMT-Master II 126710VTNR is being offered on both oyster ($11,050) and jubilee ($11,250) steel bracelets, and the new crown position bumps the price a touch over the standard models. As for availability, well, with a bit of luck (or purchase history) these watches will be available this summer. Keep an eye out for hands-on impressions coming soon. Rolex.

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