The G-Shock MOVE Gets Slim With The New GBD200

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G-Shock continues their push into the active wearable scene with a new take on their MOVE model with the slimmed down GBD200 and slick new screen. We reviewed the MOVE Pro alongside an Apple Watch and Garmin Forerunner last year, and found its massive 63x55mm frame more than a little prohibitive during the very activities it’s meant to help track. Enter the new MOVE GBD200-1 and GBD200-9, a pair of watches that cut back on some of the functionality of the Pro for the sake of more approachable proportions.

The Pro model bristled with oversized buttons and sensors, and offered an impressive level of tracking capability as a result, including a V02 max calculations. It’s a great solo companion for this reason, and the new GBD200 models will need to lean on Bluetooth connectivity to really realize their full benefit. There are no sensors here, but there is an accelerometer and step tracking that, when paired with your smartphone’s GPS, will offer the usual slew of performance insights. This makes the watch ideal for more casual workout activities and leaves plenty of room for the Pro model to shine. 

Where the Pro falters due to its size, the GBD200 shines thanks to a flat, square case that will appeal to old school G-Shock fans as much as it will to those looking to track a bit of their activity. This is a comfortable watch on the wrist, as the case is directly integrated with the strap, but the measurements are 49.4×45.9×15mm. It’s a good footprint and will be an easy companion to walk around with throughout the day. It’s connectivity features will also provide message alerts from your smartphone, should you desire.

The new high contrast MIP display is crisp and looks noticeably more modern than the pixelated screen of the Pro. It’s a beautiful display that makes usage of some of the more complex screen configurations a bit easier on the eyes. The GBD200-1 is all black with a carbon bezel while the GBD200-9 is a rather dramatic shade of lime-green that looks like it was color matched to a tennis ball. 

The new G-Shock GBD200 models are available to pre-order as of today for the price of $150. That’s $250 cheaper than the Pro model, and while it’s comparatively short on functionality, its slimmed down case will see you actually using it far more often. Pair it with the MOVE app and you’re good to go. G-Shock.

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