The Return of the Seiko Alpinist (in Green) Appears Imminent

Japanese watch retailer Seiya Japan has posted what looks like a semi-official announcement of the return of the much loved green Alpinist, this time under the Prospex badge. Seiya had previously teased the announcement back in September, but the new Instagram post that went live earlier this week seems a bit more definitive, with reference numbers and prices in Japanese Yen for not just the green variant, but white and black dialed versions as well. 

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According to Seiya’s post, the green and white dialed Alpinists will sell for just under the equivalent of $700, and will be available in January 2020. The black dialed version, on a bracelet, will be just a bit more. 

The green dialed Seiko Alpinist, reference SARB017, is in many ways as much an internet watch sensation as the SKX007. It’s one of those watches that, for years, was recommended to almost everyone at one point or another through forum posts, Instagram, and watch meet-ups. When it was discontinued over a year ago, speculation began almost immediately about a replacement, as values for the original green dialed version shot through the roof. Now, it appears the green dial is making a comeback, at least in Japan, as part of the growing Prospex line. 

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We’ll provide more information on the reintroduction of the green Alpinist, and other Alpinists, as information is received.

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