The Seiko 5 Sports Collection Comes Full Circle with a Faithful Recreation of the 1968 Original and Three Additional Models that Hit the Remix Button

The Seiko 5 Sports collection has made quite the impressive and industry-impacting run in its 55 years of existence. Within that time, we’ve seen a constant evolution of the collection with countless iterations of the Seiko 5 Sports watch. There has been a slew of limited edition pieces and special collaborations that displays the brand’s willingness to do something fun and different. There have been many “firsts” for the collection, as well as many returns to form. But no matter how much the collection has ebbed and flowed, the Seiko 5 Sports watch has a knack for finding its way into all of our collections. Whether you’re a veteran in the horology game or a rookie just getting started, a common thread will always be a Seiko 5. The collection continues to open many doors into the hobby, and for some, has kept them right in the thick of it with easy-going designs and models packed with tons of value.

Today however, isn’t about the journey, but about where it all began in 1968 with the first ever Seiko 5 Sports watch. With this nostalgic release from Seiko, we get a faithful recreation of the OG diver built on the five pillar foundation from which the Seiko 5 gets its name – a sports watch containing an automatic movement, day-date display, water resistance, durable case and a recessed crown at four o’clock.


The limited edition Seiko SRPK17 retains its 39.5mm steel cushion case with its distinguishable scalloped edge shaping the top and bottom. With a front-facing brushed finish and polished flanks, the SRPK17 follows tradition with the crown at four, however this particular reference slightly exposes the crown more. The rotating bezel comes with the same exact fully graduated markings and a sizable circular zero marker.  To the eye, the accompanying steel bracelet keeps all the vintage vibes, but Seiko has updated the design with a more solid and secure build.

Seiko resurrects the original Seiko 5 Sports logo and it takes its rightful place right below the twelve o’clock marker. The blue-accented “SPORTS” wordmark also makes its return, along with the white minute track, framed day-date window and the red lollipop seconds hand. It’s a spot on recreation that does the 1968 original justice in 2023.

The SRPK17 isn’t the only way Seiko is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Seiko 5 Sports collection. They’ve also included three additional models that remix some of the vintage design cues from the early 70’s with more modern touches that most of us will be familiar with. Each reference has its own distinct pattern and design-scheme. For instance, the SRPK09 displays an alternating pinstripe-like pattern around the bezel, the SRPK11 sporting a vibrant orange dial with a bold black line cutting across horizontally, and the SRPK13 with its bi-colored chapter ring. It feels like Seiko is taking a page out of their Rowing Blazers collaboration pieces here, but not straying too far away from the 5 Sports core design.

All three models come with the familiar asymmetric stainless steel case that extends outwards, protecting the crown at four, but doesn’t engulf the crown like the case does with the SRPK17. These remixed models come with a more robust case measuring 42.5mm in width, an orange seconds hand and a three link steel bracelet.

The 55th anniversary limited edition SRPK17 and the accompanying three references are powered by Seiko’s 4R36 automatic movement spec’d out with 41 hours of power reserve, an amplitude of 21,600 vibrations per hour and a magnetic resistance rating of 4,800 A/m. Out of the four the SRPK17 is the only model where the movement cannot be seen due to the solid caseback which displays the corresponding limited edition number.

As the cherry on top, the SRPK17 delivers in a special box that harkens back to the original packaging that’ll make you feel like it’s 1968 all over again (if you were around that year, but if not, you still get to have the same experience). The 55th anniversary limited edition SRPK17 is limited to 15,555 pieces and retails for $415. Availability for this LE model is slated for next month. The SRPK09, SRPK11 and SRPK13 retails for $350; these models will release later this fall. Seiko

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