Timex Does Their Part With New Waterbury Ocean Collection

Timex is hitting the summer with a new Waterbury Ocean collection that captures the seasonal and environmental trends in the watch industry at the moment. The new watches are constructed from upcycled, ocean bound plastics from, you guessed it, #tide. Furthermore, they are using carbon neutral transportation and solar energy during production to move toward net neutral in terms of environmental impact. This is a material we’ve seen being used increasingly often by watch brands, from Christopher Ward to Oris, and seems to be moving toward a refreshing norm. Most importantly (or not?) the watches look pretty cool, and come in just under $100. 

The Waterbury Ocean collection consists of 5 separate watches in two different size options. Each is uniform in color and texture, from the case and dial to the bracelet itself. Dark gray and dark blue colorways are available in 42mm, while dark gray (with gold accents), pink, and light blue options are available in 37mm case sizes. The price for each is a cool $99.


The design is consistent throughout the range, with a heavily tapered three link bracelet paired to a very Date-Just-esque case, only without the date. A fluted bezel frames the speckled dial, but since the color and texture is uniform throughout, the bling factor of a fluted bezel is a bit muted. The rest is pretty straightforward with the exception of the Waterbury Ocean sign and logo at 6 o’clock. 

The real story here is the material at use, and the fun colorways they’ve managed to apply to them. Plastics are captured along coastlines by fishermen, as well as from rivers and uncontrolled landfills. Once captured, #tide washes and shreds the materials to form small pellets that can be formed by the brands. Here, the case, dial, and bracelet are all made using this material (hence the uniformity). We’ve seen the material used before, from dials to strap, but this is the first which forms the entire exterior of the watch in such a manner. 

It’s easy to imagine some of the pieces being swapped around to create some high contrast models, but these are fun as they are and at this price, a welcome summer companion. The Timex Waterbury Ocean collection is available now directly from Timex.

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