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Video Interview: High-End Watch Finishing at a Fair Price with Miguel Morales, Founder of Ophion Watches

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Ophion is a small, independent watchmaker hailing from Spain. The brand is known for their incredible dials and finishing techniques available at approachable and fair pricing. Watches like the OPH 786 Vélos have left an indelible mark on us here at Worn & Wound, and we’ve long championed the work of brand founder, Miguel Morales. In this interview, we sit with Miguel to discuss his sources of inspiration, the tools he uses, and the philosophy behind his brand. 

Ophion has done an amazing job of bringing high end finishing to more people, without much in the way of compromise in the process. Here Miguel describes the machining process, and where they give way to hand finishing that create some of Ophion’s most impressive references, along with what you can expect from the brand in the future. Enjoy!

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