My Watch: Collecting Seiko Chronographs with WatchRecon’s Sammy Sy

A few weeks back, WatchRecon creator Sammy Sy joined us on an episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast. We discussed his indispensable app and spent some time talking about his watch collecting (if you haven’t done so yet, then check out Episode 24 for the full conversation).Today, we’re launching a new video series titled My Watch, which will feature our friends and fellow enthusiasts discussing their watch obsessions and collections. Kicking off the series is, you guessed it, Sammy Sy, who is the proud owner of more than a handful of incredible ’70s-era Seiko chronographs, which we’ve long-argued present an unmatched value among their peers. So enjoy the video below, and then scroll down for a bit on each featured watch.




Seiko ref. 6138-8010

Sammy’s favorite, the 6138-8010 is, in his words, “one of the rarest and also the most beautiful among all” 6138 chronographs. It’s often called the “Holy Grail,” and it was a no-brainer for Sammy when it came along. “Though not cheap, this was a good deal because I had been looking for it for so long. I gave myself 10 seconds before committing to it.”

Seiko ref. 7016-8001

A hidden gem, the smaller-cased 7016-8001 is a lesser-known Seiko chronograph produced by Seiko’s Daini factory. “This was a risky eBay acquisition. It was pricey but it was worth it for the condition it arrived in.”

Seiko ref. 7018-7000

Another Daini creation, the 7018-7000 is a flyback chronograph with a captivating charcoal dial. “This one was purchased together with its white-dialed twin.”

Seiko ref. 6139-7011

The 6139-7011 (also 7010) is a bit of a legend in the sphere of vintage Seiko chronographs. They rarely pop up on the secondhand market, and when they do, the ask can get quite high. Worn & Wound’s Zach owns a 7010, and Sammy blames him for this pickup. “Worn & Wound made me do this. I would have paid three-times the price I did for this one.”

Seiko ref. 6139-6030

The JDM 6139-6030 “Speed-Timer” was the watch that pushed Sammy down the Seiko chronograph rabbit hole. “I bought this when I wasn’t even thinking about vintage Seikos. The condition seemed good and the price made it a low risk. This one gets a lot of time on the wrist.”

Seiko ref. 6138-8020

The 6138-8020 “Panda” is a favorite among Seiko collectors, and in recent years that price on these has gone up substantially. Sammy explains that the watch is one of his favorites, and it’s not hard to see why as it has great proportions and a beautiful linen-textured dial. “The watch came with the original box and receipt. I paid a bit more to be sure about what I was getting. This is my go-to 6138.”

Seiko ref. 6138-8000

Also known as the “Baby Panda,” the 6138-8000 is extremely rare, even rarer than the 8020. “When this watch showed up on the market, I had just acquired (but not yet received) the 6138-8020. I was struggling to justify this one so soon, but I predicted I would regret it if I didn’t pull the trigger. The two watches ended up arriving within a day of each other.”

Seiko ref. 6139-6002

The iconic “Pogue,” the 6139-6001 is Seiko’s space watch, worn by Colonel William Pogue on the 1973 Skylab 4 mission. “I wear this a lot because it’s fun, it’s sized well, and I’m still waiting for the day someone in the wild recognizes it. Because of its popularity, I fully exercised the ‘buy the seller’ rule.”

Seiko ref. 6138-0030

Nicknamed the “Kakume,” the 6138-0030 is one of the more common Seiko chronographs in Sammy’s collection. “I think of this as my ‘standard issue’ Seiko, so it gets worn as such.”

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