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Watches, Stories, and Gear: Kesaharu Imai’s Time Capsule, an Octogenarian Watchmaker, and More

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“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a weekly roundup of some of our favorite watch content, great stories from around the web, and cool gear that we’ve got our eye on.

This week’s installment is brought to you by Melbourne Watch Company and their new Avalon Mk.2.

Founded in 2013, Melbourne is a brand that many Worn & Wound readers are likely familiar with. With a focus on producing pieces that are accessible to both watch enthusiasts and casual collectors, Melbourne’s watches combine a classic aesthetic with contemporary design elements.

With the Avalon Mk.2, Melbourne is refreshing a line originally released in 2015. A scaled-down version of the original Avalon model, the Mk.2 is a return to Melbourne’s more reserved style with a reduced case size of 42 millimeters and bead blasted case finishing. Meanwhile, the case of the Avalon Mk.2 retains the angular design and stamped dial of the original. Powered by a Sellita SW200 automatic movement, the Mk.2 also features a domed sapphire with AR coating over the dial, display case back, and date aperture at six o’clock. Each Avalon Mk.2 is assembled in Melbourne’s Australian headquarters.

Released just earlier this month, the Mk.2 is available for purchase now with a price of $850 AUD ($615 USD). To learn more, head to Melbourne’s website.



Worn & Wound: “Complications: Dates”

Excerpt: The humble date is one of the most ubiquitous complications in all of horology, so much so that it is almost taken for granted. Movements without a date complication are comparatively rare, such that even “no date” watches will often still have the crown position for date setting and have a date wheel hidden beneath the dial. In this article, we look explore the history of this divisive complication: when dates first appeared, why they have taken over to such an extent, and a few of the more common variations out there.

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Worn & Wound: “Time Capsule: Japanese Tomes, Watch Otaku, and the Rule of the Archetype”

Excerpt: One of the best known Japanese watch authors is Kesaharu Imai, and his most famous work, A Time Capsule Omega Speedmaster, is now an out-of-print book covering the Speedmaster Professional and its involvement in the Apollo program. It is undoubtedly the most complete and authoritative work on the subject of the moonwatch. Imai’s research focused not only on the big picture, but also on the smallest (but equally important) of details, ranging from hand drawings of different designs to testing notes and scanned internal memos. These visuals are what make his work especially significant, as collectors come from all over and, as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Time Capsule now fetches high sums among collectors. Depending on the condition, a copy can go anywhere between $200 and $600.

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The Atlantic: “The Chaos of the Universe is Contained in a Watch”

The Watchmaker, an award-winning documentary short directed by Marie-Cécile Embleton, tells the interesting story of Faramarz, a British-Iranian horologist tinkering away in his London workshop.

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The Ringer: “Reed Hastings and Netflix Upended Hollywood. But Is His Model Built to Stay on Top?”

Excerpt: “Reed Hastings is the kind of folksy, soft-spoken guy who would rather wear a Stranger Things–themed Christmas sweater than a suit and tie on a call with Netflix investors. This may help explain why the company’s CEO has been consistently underestimated by his media-mogul peers. Netflix was once dismissed by Comcast as reruns television and by Time Warner as the Albanian army trying to take over the world. What these companies didn’t realize was that Hastings lives for a good fight. Now they’re throwing together mega-mergers and creating new streaming services in an effort to stop the Netflix juggernaut.

Over the summer, AT&T finalized its deal to purchase Time Warner, whose CEO, Jeff Bewkes, said it was an underdog against Netflix. The combined company plans to launch a three-tiered streaming service in 2019. Disney will soon be the owner of 21st Century Fox and is set to launch a streaming service of its own. And Comcast is reportedly working on an NBC-centric service, while Viacom, the other major media force in TV, has already conceded defeat and agreed to produce Netflix-exclusive shows.”

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J.Crew – Polar Fleece Overshirt

Fleece jackets are great—they’re warm, soft, and just the right level of cozy once the temperature dips. Unfortunately, most fleece jackets are kind of dorky looking and can be hard to dress up. J.Crew stepped it up a notch with a different take on fleece outwear with their Polar Fleece Overshirt, which is modeled after a military jacket for some extra style points.

$98—Shop here.

Allen Edmonds – Dalton Boots in Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan is awesome. It’s unique looking and hardwearing, and unlike calfskin, cordovan just has a richness of color that can’t be matched. But it’s also expensive, and if you want a pair of boots or shoes in shell, then you’re going to have to shell (pun intended) out. To make things a little easier on your wallet, Allen Edmonds is currently running a promotion on their site that will allow you to get a pair of their iconic Dalton boots in cordovan for $200 off the retail price. They’re not cheap, but you’ll be buying these for life.

$525—Shop here.

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