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Boots With Commando Soul

Via Robb Report / Grenson

Boots are very much a part of our everyday gear around the office. We’re no strangers to throwing on and lacing up rugged works of art from brands like Red Wing, Grant Stone, and Blundstone, even if the closest outdoorsy thing we do on a regular basis is to climb the set of stairs that lead into the office. Turns out, the rubber soles on some of these boots actually have a purpose and history that dates back to WWII.

Via Robb Report / Grenson

Are you wearing a pair of boots right now? Stop reading and check out the soles of your boots. If you see chunky rubber blocks framing several star-shaped medallions lined down the middle, then you my friend are rocking a boot with a commando sole. Developed for the military, this specific rubber soul served its purpose by giving soldiers more traction, cushion, and stability out in the battlefield. When the war finally ended, British shoemakers translated this style into casual boots providing practical features to regular folks who want to get about town in some inclement weather, or feel sure-footed on weekend endeavors into the hills. We all have some form of military-designed garb in our wardrobe, from subtle functional designs (guilty), to full-on camo (also guilty). But if that’s something that doesn’t fit your style, check out your boots because chances are you too might have some commando soul.

An In-Depth Guide To Leica Lenses

Via Peta Pixel

Once you’ve got the camera bug, it’s a very slippery slope from there. The endless amounts of gear that you could acquire for that perfect set-up can lead you right into a deep dark rabbit hole of online video comparisons, articles, and gray market websites. Oftentimes we’re talking about the slightest differences between camera gear that can put one right over the other.

Via Peta Pixel

Lenses are an entire universe unto itself, with each galaxy being a camera system, and the different solar systems within that galaxy being the endless amount of sub-lens brands. This analogy might not work, since some of these sub-brands could be used across different camera systems, but you get the point. Needless to say, things can get complicated very quickly, especially in the world of Leica. Well look no further than this comprehensive guide to Leica M lenses. This article breaks down the meaning of each lens name, the different categories of lenses, and an in-depth comparison between each offering from the Wetzlar, Germany based brand.

Steven Soderbergh’s 2022 EOY List 

Via Extension 765

We mentioned the famous Steven Soderberg end-of-year list during our Time On Screen: Ocean’s Eleven podcast recording a couple months back. And it’s been on the WSG radar since then. Finally, the Soderbergh EOY list has arrived. If you’re not familiar with this yearly tradition, director, producer, screenwriter, and filmmaking pioneer puts out a list of everything he has watched and read. Literally EVERYTHING to the date. To no surprise of our own, it’s a wide ranging list of movies, short-films, plays, books, and genres. It’s work to take a gander. Even if you don’t watch or read any of it, it’s an interesting experience on its own to get in the head of Soderbergh himself.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Via Mohamed-El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images

There is something inherently mysterious, other-worldly, and just flat out cool about Egyptian history. We’re sure only a handful of you have even seen the Pyramids with your own eyes, while most of us have been limited to experiencing this Wonder of the World through a tv or computer screen. If you’re planning on heading to that part of the world anytime soon, it’s worth mentioning that the Grand Egyptian Museum will be opening its doors this year. The Grand Egyptian Museum, or GEM, will be the largest archaeological museum in the world and will be the host of more than 100,000 artifacts including King Tut’s entire treasure collection. Tune in here for the latest information on when the GEM will be opened to the public.


Greenwich Village Through The Eyes Of Michael Hainey

Via Drake’s NYC

To close out WSG, we go from the Pyramids of Giza, to the Big Apple. It’s literally impossible to know every single interesting shop, restaurant, and place in New York City. You could live here your entire life, and still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring your home borough. In an editorial piece from fine men’s clothing retailer, Drake’s, editor Michael Hainey takes us through his little nook of Manhattan that is Greenwich Village. He dives into the artistic and creative historical significance of the area, as well as the overall charm of the place. According to Hainey, the Village is more than just Washington Square Park and the Friends building. Not because of the new shops and contemporary buildings that call Village home now, but how it’s evolved over the years. This reads more like a personal letter to a beloved hometown, which I’m sure we could all somewhat relate to.

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