Watches, Stories, & Gear: Digital Meets Analog with the Teenage Engineering TP-7, Quite Carry Premieres The Drift Large Contoured, & the Svelte Voigtländer Ultron 27mm Prime Lens

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Header Image Via: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering’s TP-7 Equips The Digital Recorder An Analog Feel

Via Teenage Engineering

You can bet that anything produced by Teenage Engineering is going to have a clean and distinguishable design. With a focus in developing high quality, Swedish designed electronics and synthesizers, there’s a consistent level of attention to detail across their range of products. Their latest is the TP-7 – a compact field recorder that combines their unique design language with an appealing analog feel.

Via Teenage Engineering

The TP-7 is built to record in all sorts of situations, from recording music to logging important thoughts for later on. Each button is strategically placed so that every function is accessible in the palm of your hand. The main feature is its mechanical tape reel which allows you to conveniently scrub through previous recordings or seamlessly navigate the TP-7 menu. Plus the actual look and feel of the center wheel adds to the cool factor that is sure to speak to all of us analog lovers. The Teenage Engineering TP-7 will retail for $1,499 and is slated to be released later this summer.

Cosina Unveils The Voigtländer ULTRON 27mm F2 X-mount

Via Cosina/Voigtländer

When it comes to traveling with camera gear, you can’t underestimate the convenience of packing light. One camera body, one lens; that should pretty much do it. This week, Voigtländer, a well-established lens manufacturer based out of Braunschweig, Germany, has announced the ULTRON 27mm F2 X-Mount, a solid prime lens option for you Fujifilm shooters for your next trip abroad.

The ULTRON 27mm is the fourth manual prime lens to be released by Cosina (the parent company of Voigtländer) for Fujifilm’s X-Mount camera range. Being a lens outfitted for a crop-sensor system, the ULTRON 27mm provides a focal length equivalent to 40mm when you factor in the 1.5x crop-factor of Fujifilm’s APS-C sensors. The lens itself is very compact with its proportions rounding out at 59.3mm x 23.5mm, which should keep your entire setup low profile and tidy enough so that it takes up the least amount of pack real-estate. Focusing is solely reliant on the user, but with a ten diaphragm blade construction, you’ll be able to grab some stills with decent bokeh.

The Voigtländer ULTRON 27mm is expected to go on sale next month and will retail for around $540. If you’re keen, check out the rest of their Fujifilm X-Mount lenses here.

FX’s “The Bear” Season 2 Trailer

Starting a restaurant is no walk in the park. It takes an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears with a little bit of crazy sprinkled in. That’s exactly the situation we find Carmen Berzatto in the second season of “The Bear”. Jeremy Allen White reprises his role as ‘Carmy’, a young fine dining chef who moved back to his hometown of Chicago to run his late brother’s underwhelming sandwich shop. With all the troubles that plagued him in his rearview mirror, he’s looking to open up a brand new spot with the same rag-tag kitchen crew; Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), Marcus (Lionel Boyce), Neil (Matty Matheson) and many more coming back for round two.

“The Bear” has already garnered some success on the award front after being nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes. Jeremy Allen White won Best Actor at the same festivities and also snagged a SAG award in the same category. Under the direction of the show’s creator and director, Christopher Storer, and a talented returning cast, the upcoming second season of “The Bear” set to return on June 22, looks to be very promising.

Bigger & Badder: Quiet Carry Premieres The Drift Large Contoured

Via Quiet Carry

Quiet Carry, one of our favorite EDC knife brands, recently premiered the next iteration of their popular oceanic blade with the ‘The Drift Large Contoured’ version in a G10 and 3D machined titanium scales. If you’re uninitiated to the original ‘The Drift’, it’s a thin, lightweight everyday carry knife made to withstand the rigors of the open ocean and the winner of the Best EDC Knife at Blade Show West in 2019.

The upcoming release of ‘The Drift Large Contoured’ sports a new-look handle design with various layers of textures, recessed lines and a more robust pocket clip. It’ll also come equipped with a larger 3.4” blade that promises to be just as versatile as the original. There looks to be a multitude of handle colors set to be released in early June. For more information on the upcoming drop, stay tuned to their Instagram feed, @quitecarry or their website here.


Saturn Is The New Lunar King

Via The New York Times

Move over Jupiter, there is a new Lunar King in town. As of this month, the International Astronomical Union is set to give top-podium to Saturn for the planet that has the most moons in orbit. Jupiter currently has 95 moons, but after a recent discovery of 62 additional moons making their way around the sixth planet, the total number of lunar companions for Saturn has totaled up to a whopping 145 moons. Some of these however, aren’t your typical spherical satellite; but more-so a “potato-shaped” rock. Like all things millions of miles away, there’s always an element of mystery surrounding these alien planets and something new to be discovered, like how these moons came to be and what their exact orbit around Saturn is. For more information on the newly crowned Lunar King, the New York Times has the scoop here.

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