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Jurassic World Gets Final Trailer

I don’t know if this movie is going to be “good.” And I certainly have no idea if it will be a box office hit. But there are a few things that are absolutely clear about Jurassic World Dominion: it has dinosaurs in the snow, and reunites the original cast members from the first JP film. It’s hard to say what’s more exciting. On the one hand, the original Jurassic Park is one of the greatest summer blockbusters ever made, a touchstone filmgoing experience for millions, and it will be a real treat to see Sam Neill, Jeff Goldbum, and Laura Dern together again. On the other hand, it’s mind boggling that in all the subsequent Jurassic Park movies that have been made over the years, not once have we seen these dinos in a winter climate. I’m here for it. Check out the final trailer for Snow Dinos Jurassic World Dominion right here.

Nic Cage, the Hall of Fame, Massive Talent

Credit: Lionsgate

For the movie podcast fans among you, it’s likely that no introduction is needed for The Big Picture. The Ringer’s cinema focused podcast releases new episodes twice a week and covers new releases, the Oscar race, and has a wildly entertaining “movie draft” series that is certainly worth checking out. We’re highlighting this recent episode, though, because it seeks to do the impossible: create a Hall of Fame of Nicolas Cage performances, across his entire, confounding, and incredible career. Host Sean Fennessey and guests Van Lathan and Rob Mahoney run through the 100+ film credits in Cage’s long career, and debate which movies belong in the canon. While there’s no mention of Cage’s signature “leopard” Daytona, that energy is very much present throughout the podcast, and is worth a listen for any movie lover, regardless of which Cage film tops your own personal list.

Reproducing Analog Technology

Image via Pitchfork

T Bone Burnett is perhaps best known among music fans as the producer behind the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and one of the leaders of what became known as the revival of American roots music. He made some news this week when he announced the creation of a new analog audio format that he’s backing, dubbed “Ionic Originals,” which is said to have sound quality that represents the “pinnacle of recorded sound.” Not a whole lot is known yet about the new format, but Burnett has recorded some music to Ionic Originals lacquer painted aluminum discs with Bob Dylan. Burnett, in a press release, describes Ionic Originals as akin to a painting – they will all be original, one of one releases, and a goal of the project is to “reset the valuation for recorded music.” More information via Pitchfork, here.

Google Pixel Watch Leaks

Image: AndroidCentral

In a story that sounds eerily family to this 2010 story about an Apple developer leaving a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, we’re hearing about a yet to be released Google Pixel watch that also found itself stranded at a restaurant, and subsequently, onto the internet. The watch in question is round, unlike the square Apple Watch, and will undoubtedly host a new mobile Android operating system to support its smart features. If you’re a fan of the Pixel, and have been keen to get your hands on a matching smartwatch, you likely won’t have long to wait as an official release is rumored to take place in the coming weeks. We’ll provide our thoughts when it does and keep an eye out for the inevitable Pixel Watch v Apple Watch comparos.


Porsche 911 Sport Classic Ticks All The Boxes


The Porsche 911 Sport Classic made a triumphant return this week, this time in 992 guise, and it’s a veritable dream machine for old school fanatics of the German brand. The car is based on the Turbo S, inheriting its ultra-wide hips, but it ditches the air-intakes, opting instead to draw from the deck lid. The 3.7 liter twin-turbo flat six is carried over as well, and here, for the first time ever, it’s mated to a manual gearbox. Because of this, the engine has been remapped to a mere 543 horsepower. Out back, we’re treated to a ducktail spoiler, a nod to the 1973 2.7 RS, and inside looks to be a vintage enthusiasts dreamscape with seats and door panels done in Pepita cloth upholstery. It’s the total package, and Porsche is making 1,250 examples of this one, though I doubt they’ll be any easier to get. More from Porsche here.

eBay Finds: Vintage Girard-Perregaux 

Credit: goldstargoods

This vintage Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic has style to spare. The steel case is on the smaller side at 33mm, but it has a clean, sharp look with long lugs that have long bevels on them. The case appears unpolished as well. The dial is the hero here though, with ‘rising sun’ radial sunburst lines going up and out from six o’clock, which give it a really cool and unique look. I’ve seen this on a few other vintage watch models before, but it really is an uncommon dial texture, and one that stands out. The hour markers are long, thin applied steel markers that offset the texture of the dial perfectly. The crown is original and signed with the “GP” logo on it, always a nice touch. The automatic “Gyromatic” 17j movement is clean and runs per the sellers listing. This is an under-the-radar vintage casual/dress watch that has everything you should be looking for in a vintage watch!

View auction here.

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