Watches, Stories, & Gear: Pack Config Gear Check, Tusker Returns In Sweetwater, Mr Jones Watches Celebrates 15 Years, & More

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Header Image Via: Mr Jones Watches

Pack Config: Resistance Pilot Survival Kit

Via Pack Config

The gear we carry and how we carry them throughout our day to day is important to us. The same goes for the folks over at Pack Config. The online publication heavily focuses on the packs they carry and the gear loaded inside of them. The rabbit hole here is deep, very deep, as each post breaks down the contents of each pack, uncovering pieces of gear new to us or giving an inspiration on how to use our gear differently. In a recent post, Pack Config contributor Nat Wagstaff gets creative by attempting to assemble a gear kit of a downed X-Wing Resistance pilot. But here’s the catch, Wagstaff could only use what he could find in the confines of his own home. The result is a collection of appropriate gear and tool selections that are heavy on the orange accents. It’s a clever and fun exercise to think outside of the box, which I’m sure translates over to real life applications when preparing for a trip or repurposing a piece of gear. Check out the rest of their editorial and EDC accessories available through their online store here.

Tusker Returns In Sweetwater

Via @jasonheaton

This week, podcast alumni and friend of Worn & Wound, Jason Heaton, announced the title of his follow up novel to the underwater thriller Depth Charge. The highly anticipated novel is entitled Sweetwater. The last time we left Julian “Tusker” Tusk, he had narrowly escaped the depths of the Indian Ocean where he found himself in the middle of a menacing plot that spanned from World War II Ceylon to modern day Sri Lanka. Now the underwater archaeologist is back, but this time trouble finds him on the home front. Yet again, there are historical implications. Ones that involve an American presidential election, a decades old plane crash and Tusker’s past itself. Oh and there promises to be plenty of diving, as another mystery lies beneath the surface. Sweetwater is tentatively set to come out later this year. Stay tuned to @tusker_novels on Instagram for more updates on the novel. Also if you happen to be in town for WindUp Chicago, head on over to the TGN booth, say hello, checkout the merch, and get the latest scoop from Jason Heaton himself.

Independent Watch Brand Mr Jones Watches Celebrates 15 Years 

Via Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches is an independent brand that combines fine art and traditional watchmaking. While scrolling through their range of uniquely designed watches, it doesn’t take long to understand why they’ve been around for 15 years. Each watch uses the dial as a blank canvas, portraying the vision of the collaborating artist (30 different designers and illustrators up to date and counting) and at times displaying a distinct dial configuration. Within the decade and a half that Mr Jones Watches has been in the industry, they’ve launched over 150 watch designs and now have two London-based workshops, as well as their very own store in the Oxo Tower. To celebrate 15 years, Mr Jones Watches has released its first ever designed t-shirt that honors their office dog and unofficial mascot, Stanley the dachshund. The t-shirt, just like their watches, have this playful design and feel to it, which is representative of what Mr Jones Watches is all about. Following this release, Mr Jones Watches will release a collection of six different t-shirt designs inspired by their most successful watch designs later this summer.

Via Mr Jones Watches

Tactile Turn Ultem Bolt Action Pen

Via Tactile Turn

Just like bags, knives and anything EDC related, we can’t have enough pens. Tactile Turn offers plenty of options for a one-and-done writing instrument, but their recent release of the Ultem Bolt Action Pen doesn’t make it any easier to drop some coin for “just one more”. Ultem® 1000 is a durable material that features a great deal of mechanical strength and high heat resistance, which makes it a perfect substitute for the normal Tactile Turn pens furnished out of titanium, copper or bronze. Each Ultem Bolt Action Pen still comes with a titanium mechanism, a stainless steel clip and two different colorways; natural and black. Unfortunately most of the pens are sold out on Tactile Turn, BUT if you head on over to Blade HQ, they still might have some available to scoop up.


eBay Finds: Omega Seamaster Automatic Mens Vintage Wrist Watch Running Strong

Via eBay User @hessfineauctions

Here’s a nice vintage 1954 (dated from the movement serial number) Omega Seamaster looks to be an honest, unmolested survivor. The 34mm steel case has the classic 1950’s fat lugs, and looks unpolished from the pictures. You can still see the chamfers on the lugs and the writing on the caseback. The white dial looks original, and has only minimal patina, with nice applied steel numbers and arrow markers. The hands do show some corrosion, but sadly that is very common on these. Original ‘clover leaf’ Omega signed crown. The caliber 501 automatic movement is clean as a whistle, and the seller states it is running strong and keeping time. The 501 is a workhorse movement and this is a really beautiful example. Is this Seamaster perfect? Nope, but it’s a vintage beauty that will look great on your wrist.

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