Windup Watch Fair Video Interviews: Brew

Brew Watch Co. has long been a fan favorite at our Windup Watch Fairs, and this year at San Francisco was no exception. Brand founder and designer, Jonathan Ferrer was once again on hand to show off their latest designs like the nostalgic 8-Bit Brew and the incredibly popular Metric (which now has a leather strap option, btw). We carved out some time from the show to chat with Jonathan about what he’s been up to over the past year, some of the brand’s latest releases, and where he draws inspiration from. 

Jonathan Ferrer of Brew

Jonathan has been doing his thing with Brew Watch Co. for seven years now, and in that time he’s built a remarkably unique design language which has spawned a variety of fun, accessible collections over the years. Thanks to a well defined look and fully fleshed out themes, as well as impeccable ergonomic considerations, Brew find themselves experiencing a wealth of popularity from enthusiasts and collectors.


If there’s one thing that sets Jonathan and Brew as a whole apart, it’s their ability to inject just enough character and presence into their designs. Jonathan talks about the worlds of coffee and design from where he takes inspiration for articulating his own taste and personality into his watches. 

Brew Metric

Enjoy our discussion with Jonathan in the video and don’t miss all of our Brew content on Worn & Wound right here. San Francisco was just the first Windup Watch Fair, see a recap of the event here, and keep an eye on our upcoming shows in Chicago and New York right here. Visit Brew Watch Co. for more information.

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