anOrdain and the Guys From OT Team Up On a Pair of Limited Editions in a New Case Size

If you’ve already listened to this week’s edition of the Worn & Wound podcast, the cat is officially out of the bag: Felix Scholz and Andy Green of OT: The Podcast fame have collaborated on a limited edition watch with anOrdain. To be precise, it’s actually two limited edition watches making up this special release, both taking advantage of anOrdain’s excellent enamel work. This also represents the debut of an entirely new anOrdain case, so this is a special release indeed. Let’s get into it. 

Obviously, if you haven’t yet, you should check out our podcast with Felix and Andy, who go into detail on the genesis of this project. The quick version of that story is that the idea of a collaborative piece was tossed about offhandedly during a Zoom call between Felix, Andy, and Lewis from anOrdain in the early days of the pandemic. Before anyone involved quite knew what was happening, designs were trading hands, and plans were hatched to actually make the thing. The two dial variants each play with the OT branding in clever ways, using pink and purple hues either as accents (on the creamy white dialed watch) or the main event (on the version Felix describes as recalling Homer Simpson’s donut). 

The dial layout has been stripped down somewhat for these limited editions. On previous Model 2s, we’ve seen anOrdain’s unique typography used in the even numerals indicating the hours, but here we get a 3, 6, 9 layout that allows the enamel some room to breathe. On the pink dial in particular you can really see the benefit of a less cluttered layout, as the subtle texture and depth of the enamel becomes more apparent. The addition of a running second hand is also notable, and a first for the Model 2. The trademark syringe hands, which recall fingers gripping a pen (actually a thin strip of lume), are now made completely in-house by anOrdain, and remain in these new Model 2s. 

Other than the dials, which are always the lead story on any new anOrdain watch, the big news here is that the Model 2’s case has been upsized to 39mm. Prior to this release, the Model 2, which is inspired by classic field watches, came in at 36mm. This new size should open up the Model 2 to potential owners who might be scared off by the more classic, smaller size, or just want a watch with a bit more presence on the wrist. The larger size certainly allows the enamel to speak a bit more loudly, which is a positive in our book. The case shape itself hasn’t changed, and is still a sportier and more robust alternative to the dressy Model 1.

Also unchanged is the caliber that runs the Model 2, a hand wound Sellita SW 210, which should keep the Model 2 wearing thin and light on the wrist. Only 30 watches will be made in each dial variant, and they’re priced at around $1,650 after currency conversion. They’ll be sold exclusively on anOrdain’s website beginning today. As you might be aware, anOrdain has been using a batch production/release method over the past several months, and it’s expected that 10 of the OT watches will be shipped each month, and that all watches should be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2022. 

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