Bell & Ross Adds a Two-Tone Option to their Popular BR 03 Range

Bell & Ross is continuing to fill out their updated BR 03 collection with new references to accommodate the subtly smaller case they introduced last year. Brad Homes went hands-on with the new, more refined case right here, and found the differences to be small, but an overall improvement. It’s important not to underestimate either the scope of the change for Bell & Ross or the potential impact small adjustments can have on a watch case, particularly when you’re dealing with a square design like the BR 03. Bell & Ross fans (I’m raising my hand here) have strong feelings about their iconic square case designs, so any small adjustment is going to be met with the kind of intense critique that can only come from an enthusiast community. It seems, though, that the updates have been well received, and the latest addition, the BR 03 White Steel & Gold, brings a very different flavor to traditional tool watch design. 

The stated goal of the White Steel & Gold reference is to bring a more sophisticated look to the BR 03 line, one that is, in Bell & Ross terms, “both urban and elegant.” While we still have the vague outline of an aviation inspired tool watch, the details come from an entirely different place. The bezel is rendered in rose gold, and the crisp opaline dial has matching gold tone accents. While the gold is likely the design characteristic that will draw most to the watch initially, the dial appears to have a very fine texture and character to it that could well be the true highlight. 


The pairing of gold with steel here also firmly places this watch within a tradition of two-toned sports watches, and I think the vibe of the White Steel & Gold shares more than a little with something like a classic two-tone Datejust, for instance. Of course, it doesn’t look like that watch, but you wind up in a similar place whenever you mix steel with the warmer and more luxurious tones of gold.

The specs on the White Steel & Gold match other new BR 03 watches, which means a new, smaller case measuring 41mm wide and 9.4mm tall. It runs on the BR-Cal.302-1 movement with a 54 hour power reserve, and is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch is mounted to a brown, calfskin leather strap. 

The retail price on the new BR 03 White Steel & Gold is $6,900. Bell & Ross

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