G-SHOCK’s Latest Titanium Release Combines the Aesthetics of a Circuit Board with Camouflage to Great Effect

G-SHOCK has had a string of successful releases over the past few years with full metal watches that incorporate some type of interesting, laser engraved design. It turns out that the G-SHOCK case and bracelet is a surprisingly versatile canvas for compelling camo designs, sci-fi influenced schematics, and the touch of an actual artist. With this latest release, the design influence is actually G-SHOCK itself, using the design of their own circuit board as a jumping off point for a very contemporary watch that pays tribute to the brand’s roots. 


The G-SHOCK Circuit Camouflage, reference GMWB5000TCC1, is billed as a titanium version of the very first G-SHOCK, the famed DW-5000C. You’ll note that the new watch shares the same iconic case lines as that early G-SHOCK release, just in titanium, rather than resin. The camo-like design that has been laser etched on the case and bracelet is a real G-SHOCK insider’s treat. The pattern is lifted from the 3459 circuit board found in the GMWB5000 series watches, and has been meticulously recreated using some fairly high end manufacturing techniques. 

The base of the watch is a coating of black IP. This ion plating technique has been the go-to process for G-SHOCK in virtually all of their recent coated metal watches. The circuit board pattern is drawn twice using a laser irradiation process, once prior to the black IP coating, and then again after. According to G-SHOCK, this process gives the pattern a depth that would not otherwise be achieved. 

For this reference, the external titanium components have been made with TranTixxi, a new titanium alloy manufactured by Nippon Steel Corporation. According to G-SHOCK, this alloy has twice the surface hardness of “pure” titanium, but is gentle on the skin and remains lightweight and resistant to corrosion. G-SHOCK claims that the material allows for greater finishing capabilities, and can be mirror polished like stainless steel. We’ve seen many new titanium alloys pop up in recent years that make similar claims of increased hardness or rigidity, and a more “steel like” appearance that allows for more flexibility in finishing, and a more luxurious appearance overall. Grand Seiko’s “Brilliant Hard” titanium comes immediately to mind. It’s interesting to observe titanium, once a material associated almost exclusively with hardcore tool watches, get new life with some of these alloys. This is still a tool watch, of course, but G-SHOCK now has the ability to refine the look in ways they might not have attempted before.

It probably goes without saying, but you can expect all of the typical G-SHOCK functionality out of the GMWB5000TCC1, including 200 meters of water resistance, shock resistance, a suite of alarms and timers, and an LED Super Illuminator Light. This model also features Bluetooth connectivity and charges via solar power, adding additional layers of convenience when it comes to setup and long term use. 

The retail price for the new G-SHOCK Circuit Camouflage is $1,800, and it’s available now through authorized G-SHOCK channels. G-SHOCK

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