Latest G-SHOCK Titanium Gets Camo Treatment

Casio has been on a tear with the Full Metal series of G-Shocks, from Tokyo twilight to mech warriors, and they’re going back to titanium with their latest in the new GMWB5000TVA1 in the Virtual Armor collection. Casio’s inspiration here? Power armor, and virtual reality. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for an amazing G-Shock I don’t know what does. The watch delivers on that inspiration in dramatic fashion, draping its titanium case and bracelet in layers of digital camo that play in the space between gray and brown. It’s not just reality, it’s virtual reality (the same, but better). 

Creating this unique camouflage pattern involves layering, masking, and engraving to retain the same small details we saw on the first Full Metal titanium G-Shock, which was PVD coated. All the same cavities and recesses are present, along with the labeling on each link. The process is ion plating which should be able to withstand the usual rigors that G-Shocks are subjected to. Just don’t drop it in the mud or you might have a hard time finding it again. The earth-tone forward color scheme is geometric in its application, and true to its inspiration looks straight out of a video game.


This Full Metal titanium gets all the bells and whistles we’ve seen in previous examples, from world timers and calendars, to timers and stopwatches. It’s got bluetooth connectivity as well so everything can be set from the comfort of your phone’s screen via the brand’s Connected app. 

This colorway stands alongside a growing collection of Full Metal G-Shocks, and while we’ve seen them get creative with colors in the past, they never seem to get boring, and each brings a unique vibe to the mix. I can’t help but wonder what this camo would be like rendered in some of the brighter colors they’ve used in the past, perhaps something to look forward to. 

The titanium case measures 49.3 × 43.2 × 13 mm, while the whole thing tips the scales at a mere 106 grams. The G-Shock GMWB5000TVA1 is available to pre-order as of today for the price of $1,700 with deliveries expected to begin late July. G-Shock.

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