Introducing The Doxa Sub 300 Carbon

Late last year we brought you news that Doxa was bringing the Sub 300 into regular production in no less than 6 different dial colors. We reviewed the silver Searambler and came away celebrating the decision to do so, even at the expense of ruffling a few feathers from the LE released a few years earlier. Today, Doxa is once again bringing a limited edition Sub 300 into regular production in the form of the new Forged Carbon series of Sub 300 watches. This time, the differences are notable enough to be distinguishable at a glance, so Carbon Aqua Lung owners can breathe a bit easier (heh), but it does leave us asking if the Sub 300 has gone too far.


The Carbon Sub 300 is the same Sub 300 we know and love in terms of shape and dimension, with the same cushion case released in 1967 and vibrant orange dial. Like the steel collection, the carbon series is offered in 6 different dial colors: Divingstar (yellow); Professional (classic orange); Sharkhunter (black); Searambler (silver); Aquamarine (teal); and Caribbean (navy). The big difference here is the case, which is now rendered in forged carbon with a titanium movement chamber and caseback. 

We first saw a forged carbon Sub 300 in this limited edition, which featured a black dial with yellow accents, along with the historic Aqua Lung logo applied at 7:30 on the dial. This is a configuration that you won’t find on the regular production carbon models, keeping plenty of distance between the two.

What is forged carbon, you might be asking, and why is it worth nearly $1,500 more than the steel cased Sub 300? Unlike woven fiber, which has a familiar pattern, forged carbon is made from a paste, or chopped up fibers placed within a compression mold before being, well, compressed to form the final shape. The result is a more random appearance that looks a bit like carbon marble. While not necessarily as strong as woven carbon fiber, forged carbon provides more flexibility in terms of shape and design with small objects, such as a watch case. While not common, it is a material we’ve seen before.  

It might look different, but the carbon Sub 300 enjoys the same 300m depth resistance and chronometer grade ETA 2824 inside, and the case is still 42.5 x 45mm. The rubber straps offer some colorful contrast to the black case, though black rubber is also available. The beads of rice bracelet is not an option here. The Sub 300 Carbon is priced at $3,890, representing a substantial jump from the steel Sub 300. Doxa.

Also announced today is news that Doxa watches will now be available through Watches of Switzerland retailers in the US and UK, as well as through their website. Depending on your location, this will provide you the opportunity to go hands-on with a Doxa prior to purchase.  You can view the collection here. 

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