Lüm-Tec 300M-2 Giveaway CLOSED!

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UPDATE: Contest now closed! Congrats to Hubert on the win!

Yesterday, we were very excited to show you the Lüm-Tec 300M-2’s build quality, aggressive design, awesome lume and compact 40mm size. Today, we are very excited to give the watch away! Simply follow the instructions below to enter this giveaway!

Thanks to our friends at Lüm-Tec for providing the watch to giveaway.


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To be in the running for the Lüm-Tec 300M-2, all you have to do is;

Comment on this post on wornandwound.com (not the original review or on any social media or other website where this post may appear) before the giveaway is over on July 4th, 2013 at 11:59pm (EST). You must enter a valid email address in the comment form. No need to mention anything specific in your comment, but make sure you write something (preferably something nice!). After July 4th, a winner will be chosen at random and contacted by us.

In addition, the following rules apply. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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770 responses to “Lüm-Tec 300M-2 Giveaway CLOSED!”

  1. Tim says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Lum-Tec watches for a while, it would be great to win one!

  2. Ian says:

    Stunning watch and great review as always!

  3. Mark says:

    Yup, she’s a beaut

  4. Chris says:

    Great site all, thanks for the hard work. I should have said this without the incentive of winning a watch. Apols.

  5. Fash says:

    I wouldn’t be able to give that watch away if I had it – but I HOPE I WIN! 🙂

  6. Another Wonderful Watch! Hope I have the chance to enjoy it and share the watch passion even more. Thanks again W&W. Best and hugs!

    [email protected]

  7. Jeff says:

    That’s a lovely diver I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

  8. teeritz says:

    I’ve never taken a close look at Lum-Tec until I saw your review. It’s a very clean look and beautiful in it’s legibility.

  9. Dave says:

    …just one word… WOW !!!!!

  10. Evan says:

    Great looking diver at a reasonable size. Fantastic photos, as usual!

  11. Kenny says:

    Always wanted to check out on the MDV lume on Lum-tec. Hope I win this.

  12. Mark says:

    Nice to see a good looking dive watch in a wearable size case.

  13. Tyreko says:

    Not usually a fan of pvd cases, but this lum-tec looks great.

    Thanks for running another giveaway !

  14. Toni says:

    Great blog. Thank you for so many interesting articles!

  15. Felipe says:

    Awesome watch!

  16. Nice watch! 😉

  17. Nigel says:

    Just discovered your site a week ago and bought a watch on your recommendation!

  18. Awesome watch…awesome giveaway….awesome watch site…

  19. Hao says:

    Great stealth design with the PVD coating. Entertaining review.

  20. I’ve been repeatedly coming back to look at this great site. Lum tech makes some solid pieces for sure.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Demian says:

    OMG I just fell in love with this watch! 😀 Thanks for the great site and the giveaways

  22. Mark says:

    New to watch blogs/ reviews, but think W&W is among the best I’ve found. Actually bought a watch as a result… Thinking about buying another.

  23. Jordan says:

    I really like crisp and bold features of this watch. I do not normally get into “Lum-Tec”-type watches, although I must say this particular model is sharp! I would love to win this watch. Great review by the way.

  24. Mystiqz says:

    love this site!! pick me 😀

  25. Eric says:

    This is a great looking watch – I’d be proud to wear it!

  26. SV says:

    Some of the lumtec designs are a little gaudy for my test, but this one is very classic. Love it!

  27. Crimson75 says:

    Really excellent watch and great review from w&w as usual….
    Lume is heaven for me as i’m always a huge fan of lume thing…

  28. Brandon says:

    Fantastic watch! Thanks for hosting these giveaways, you are a stand up bunch.


  29. Mike says:

    Nice timepiece – would look good on my wrist. 😉

  30. Robert says:

    Great review! The watch looks fantastic!

  31. Tomasz says:

    Would be nice to win this time 😉 This watch is awesome!

    Thank You for another giveaway…

  32. Shaheen says:

    As an avowed desk diver I’ve admired Lüm-tec for sometime now.Great watch and an informative review in your blog!

  33. It is a watcht that can become a classic…

  34. Dan says:

    want want want. Thank you for this giveaway of a great watch.

  35. Olivier says:

    Worn and Wound has become a website to check daily 🙂

  36. I would love another Lum-Tec watch.

  37. Paul L says:

    I once had a dream about wearing a lum-tec. Then I woke up. And then I cried.

  38. Balint says:

    The way to go Lüm-Tec!!

  39. Jeff says:

    Cool-looking watch, would love to add it to my collection!

    • Clarence says:

      Been reading w&w for 2 years now! First came here when I was researching about the Seagull and funny ended up expanding my interests in all kinds of watches. I’ve never exactly fancied dive watches hes but after going through the entire youtube video, Im absolutely sold! PLEASE W&W LET ME WIN! HEHE

  40. Kris says:

    Great site, great watch.

  41. Daniel says:

    Big fan of Lum Tec and their models!

  42. Omar says:

    I have been enjoying this site for awhile, For father’s day I got a NATO strap from C&B. Keep up the good work.

  43. Sean Walsh says:

    Finally one of my dream watches, keep up the great work

  44. Joel Cram says:

    I have always wanted a Lum-Tec and it’s 40mm….Awesome! Thanks for another great review.

  45. My husband would love that

  46. Peter says:

    awesome watch and great site

  47. Michael says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Sinner77 says:

    …that would sure look good on my wrist. And it would glow like a lamp. Oh, please pick me…

  49. Eric says:

    If only this had tritium it’d be perfect.

  50. sjWooll says:

    Great looking watch. I would love to have one of these in my collection.

  51. Eric says:

    Great giveaway!

  52. Woo I’d love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity, the watch looks fantastic.

  53. daniel says:

    Great watch. Another strong release.

  54. Justin says:

    Beautiful watch! I hope I’m the winner!

  55. Ray says:

    Would love to have a Lum-Tec. Great original designs.

  56. DirtyHarry says:

    This would be an amazing addition to the collection!

  57. Lovely looking watch, and i must say you had gave a great review of it! Keep doing your thing W&W.

  58. Jay says:

    I really like Lum-Tec… this one is very nice.

  59. Ginanjar says:

    awesome watch..
    pick me pick me please 🙂

  60. Ali says:

    The lume is definitely a master of lumes, but for this watch i think the outstanding feature should be how all the elements on the dial go so well with that black matt background ! two thumbs up !

  61. Brian says:

    Another great review and giveaway, keep up the good work! I’ve been eyeing some Lum-Tecs for awhile now, saving up!

  62. Brad says:

    Love Lum-Tec and would love to win this watch!

  63. warag says:

    The spirit of Submariner will never die.

  64. I’ve always admired Lum-Tec watches, but they’ve always been a bit beyond my means.

  65. In for the win! Thanks!

  66. Raymond says:

    Lum-Tec watches are very well made and the MDV is fun to have in a watch. They are also generous with their straps when we buy their watches. My M8 still shines and is scratch free 🙂

  67. Hub says:

    Great looking watch!

  68. Bart says:

    Cool contest and cool watch, I would like to try it !!!

    Thanks W&W !!!

    Kind regards,

  69. Nick says:

    That Lum-Tec would look good in my collection; most of my other watches are more “formal”.

  70. muchacho says:

    I like the design of this watch 🙂

  71. Tom says:

    Im starting to like the style of this brand and its watches more and more. 🙂

  72. geo says:

    I want it I want it

  73. TJ says:

    My favorite of the Lum-Tec’s I’ve seen.

  74. Rick says:

    Looks like a substantial timepiece from Lum-Tec for it’s 40mm case diameter. I can only imagine the luminescence is superb.

  75. Dominic says:

    300M-2? Oh fuggetaboutit!

  76. Andrew says:

    Great looking watch, thanks for the contest!

  77. Sharan Raj says:

    Exquisite metal work!

  78. Tugboat says:

    This is my perfect watch, tough mil pvd styling, Lum Tec quality and 40mm which is perfect for guys with smaller wrists. Love your site, my wallet doesn’t though!

  79. bensi says:

    Nice watch – glad to see more 40mm watches out there

  80. Rob says:

    Very cool watch, stunning lume!

  81. James says:

    This is one of the many Lum-Tec watches I would love to own. Awesome stuff.

  82. Jack says:

    great review

  83. Dennis says:


    K thanks bye

  84. Peter says:

    well thats a badass watch!:)

  85. I love the aggressive design lum-tec used on this piece. I hope I win! 🙂

  86. Attila says:

    Another beautiful watch and great review. Lume-Tec is a fantastic brand and this seems like an excellent watch.

    Before I found W&W, I didn’t know how many quality and (mostly reasonably) priced selections were out there. I have already bought 2 recommended by Zach and would love to add a 3rd. Keep ’em coming!

    BTW, where can we get the Tissot Navigator you are reviewing now?

  87. Will says:

    Awesome watch!

  88. Rob says:

    Been looking at the 300M-2 for a little while now– love the look & lume on this watch!

  89. T$ says:

    Love the matte finish and subtleness of styling! Would look good in office or on street!

  90. Runaque says:

    Gorgeous timepiece! A LÜM-TEC is one of the brand of watches I’d like to add to my little collection one day.

  91. DonovanT says:

    Awesome looking watch, thanks for your review!

  92. That watch + my wrist = match made in heaven! 🙂

  93. What an awesome watch, great giveaway! Lum-Tec sure knows their dive watches 🙂

  94. Lovely watch, one I’d be proud and honored to wear, however, since I’ve found your site, the depths to which my account has sunk has increased dramatically. Coincidence? I think not. On the other hand, I have since collected an extensive line of timepieces in the $400-$800 range.

  95. Raf C. says:

    This is one sturdy looking piece with kick-ass lume! Awesome job!

  96. KB says:

    Nice watch, quite like it.

  97. Josh says:

    Would love a Lum-Tec, seem like pretty tank-like watches! Thanks for the great blog guys, love the reviews!

  98. Please please please!

  99. Daryl says:

    Stunning watch. Great job again fellas!

  100. Apilphat says:

    Look Elegant and colorful at that red hand !

  101. Quite a beautiful watch. I get a sense of my childhood from it 🙂

  102. Very cool watch. Need a real tool watch in my collection.

  103. Jose M. says:

    nice! thank you!!

  104. Matt says:

    Rock and Rolll

    Hugs and Kisses xoxo
    <3 matt

  105. Eric says:

    Would love to own a Lum-Tec – they’re so very rare in Canada. This is a brand that Canadians need to know about.

    Also it would be nice to wear a watch that’s made in North America.

  106. Sam says:

    Thanks again for another great review and giveaway.

  107. Matt says:

    Y’all might as well stop commenting because I’m going to win this thing :p

  108. Jared says:

    Looks awesome, thanks.

  109. David says:

    I think the markers at the 3,6, and 9 give this watch such a cool modern twist. I hope I win it:) As always, great stuff from W&W!

  110. James W says:

    Lum Lume lume. Great review.

  111. Josh says:

    That’s a beaut.

  112. Mike P says:

    A great looking watch that I’d love to show off on my wrist!

  113. Matt N. says:

    Great reviews, keep up the good work!

  114. Joachim says:

    Beautiful watch, would love to have this.

  115. Fahd says:

    Beast of a watch

  116. Roger says:

    You guys are the best watch reviewers out there bar none.

  117. i love it! it looks awesome and so does the site!! much luv guys –


  118. What an awesome looking watch. Every since i saw the Super Combat B1 ive been drooling over Lum-Tec watches. Would be great to win this especially since its my bday today haha. Thanks W&W, you guys rock.

  119. MattC says:

    Great site. Nice looking watch.

  120. Fantastic watch! I need a PVD watch for my collection and this one is a beauty.

    Keep up the great work W&W. You’re one of my favorite sites to visit.

  121. Chris E says:

    I have always liked LumeTec designs I would love to win this 😉

  122. JamesP says:

    Stunning watch. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  123. Looks great! I only wish the winner will be wearing it and have it in a drawer.

  124. Michael says:

    It would be beyond awesome to win a dive watch right after getting my basic open water diving certification!

  125. Shane says:

    Wouldn’t mind owning one of these bad boys.

  126. Nice timepiece and excellent review as usual!

  127. Peter B says:

    Really cool watch.. Love that dual colored lum!

  128. Thad says:

    The lume shots make me lust after this watch!

  129. Gareth says:

    Beautiful watch! Love the site 🙂

  130. Kosmas says:

    Another great offer from W&W!

  131. Reid says:

    It reminds me of a modern take on a vintage Fifty Fathoms.

  132. Colin says:

    Really love the clean bezel on this watch. Also, just the right amount of red script to help set of the dial. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  133. andy c says:

    Nice watch. Looking for a more rugged watch to wear outside of work

  134. Jose Bueiz says:

    Muy bonito..!!!!!!


  135. Thanks again for the opportunity guys! That one sure is a looker.

  136. Dan S says:

    Would love to have it!

  137. udjinn says:

    totally unrelated to lum-tec:
    my SNK809k2 arrived today. loving it.

  138. Worn & Wound rocks!

  139. Joe M says:

    40mm is my favorite size for a diver. Great looking watch.

  140. Kelvin says:

    I’m digging this watch. Really nice piece.

  141. Ron Squire says:

    Hope I get it! Keep it up W&W

  142. …and NOT have it in a drawer. My mistake.

  143. James Howe says:

    Worn and wound gives great in-depth reviews.

  144. Evan says:

    Would love to get a chance to own this beauty!

  145. Auggie says:

    I always wanted a Lum-Tec.

  146. Brad B says:

    Thanks as always for the great reviews and watch info. Hope I win.

  147. Melvin Tan says:

    I would love to have a Lüm-Tec 300M! Its such a beauty!

  148. Rick says:

    Lume! Nice watch. Looking forward to that Tissot Navigator review too!

  149. Bruno says:

    Great looking watch

  150. Lee says:

    That’s a good looking watch.

  151. 1stGenRex says:

    I really like this one! Thanks for the giveaway, W&W!

  152. Bruno says:

    Great looking watch. Thanks

  153. says:

    Great watch

  154. Ernest says:

    Not something I’d be attuned to, but great looking watch!

  155. Don T. says:

    Another cool watch from cool site.

  156. Aaron says:

    Really digging the heavy diver PVD look, doesn’t hurt that it’s an automatic…

  157. I love Lum-Tec watches, and it is good to see them making 40mm cases.

  158. Gawin says:

    love it! thanks for doing this for us!!!!

  159. David says:

    Huge fan of Worn & Wound! Even bigger fan of 40mm watches. Hope I get it!

  160. The Lum-Tec 300M-2 is such a beautiful timepiece! I just found Wornandwound.com and I’m going to promote you on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts! Keep up the great work – I look forward to your future reviews and articles!

  161. Bryan says:

    I love this site! Best reviews around!

  162. Larry L says:

    Ooh, 40mm would be perfect for my wrist

  163. Luis says:

    Let there be light!

  164. Gerald S. says:

    Always liked Lum-Tec. This bold design is very suitable for a dive watch. Good luck to all the entries and keep up the great site W & W!!

  165. Daniel T says:

    I want to win this watch so bad! Awesome design, perfect size and legibility. I wanted to win last time as well, but someone took the watch away from me. This time hopefully I’d be the chosen one! 🙂

  166. edjelley says:

    Great watch, great review. Fingers are crossed!

  167. Justin says:

    Beautiful watch and an informative review. Count me in!

  168. Brian says:

    Perfect size for me. Would go well with my extra large Armida A1 PVD

  169. Ryan says:

    I currently have a Lum-Tec M47. It’s a quartz so I would love to score one of their automatics!

  170. That’s an interesting twist to a classic design, real solid! Love it!

  171. Ben says:

    Fantastic looking watch!

  172. Bijeet says:

    Awesome watch, great work by you guys as usual. Never won a raffle in my life here’s hoping this is the first.

  173. Abhi says:

    Cool! I’d love to own one.

  174. Alex Kerr says:

    Great company with great build quality and superior materials. I’ve heard the lume on these is worhty of the name. I’m really digging the geometric agressive dial.

  175. Gonzalo says:

    A combination of two things I love: Watches with a rotating bezel, and blacked out style!

  176. Adam L says:

    Great looking new Lum Tec. Hope i win.

  177. Dag says:

    I think the Combat and 300M series are the most unique and most potentially classic watches that LT has put out. Let’s hear it for American design and watchmaking!

  178. thien says:

    Such a nice watch!!!!

  179. JBart says:

    Great looking watch and very nice photography.

  180. Torben says:

    Great looking watch love the bezel!

  181. chris says:

    I really appreciate the reviews, because the watches for the most part are in my budget. that’s a pretty sweet lum-tec diver perfect for summer!

  182. Sharaf says:

    Another great review and giveaway from Worn&Wound. Would love to win this watch and make it an addition to my small collection. Thanks for the opportunity Worn&Wound and Lum-Tec.

  183. Jason says:

    I love that this is a 40mm diver – finally a boutique diver at a reasonable size!

  184. Bjorn says:

    Another great give-away for your readers! Well done 🙂

    Enjoyed the Lum-Tec review (as I do most of your reviews) and the fact that you cover everything from the high end to the truly affordable watches.

  185. Wilbur says:

    holding fingers crossed to be randomly chosen! also congrats to the best watch review site on the web, I’m a big fan.

  186. Alan says:

    Fantastic diver! Love it.

  187. Love the watch, love the review, love the site! Keep up the good work!

  188. Zac says:

    I VANT ONE! -Super Troopers

    Look at all these sign ups. Might be the largest give away yet. Congratulations on the site’s success.

  189. Sean says:

    Great blog. Great reviews. Thanks much.

  190. Mubin Shah says:

    fingers crossed, it’s a lovely watch!

  191. Damarkos says:

    This watch awesome! Great divers watch! Fantastic!

  192. daryl says:

    nice watch. thanks for the reviews.

  193. Jimmy Wu says:

    What an awesome watch… and giveaway!!!

  194. Thomas says:

    What a great looking watch. Excellent to see a rugged diver without a huge case size. She is quite a looker.

  195. Tim D says:

    Big fan of the watch, would love to win it!

  196. Mike C says:

    Classy watch – I’d love to get a look at that lume in person. Great work on the video reviews – its great to get such a good look at them during the review.

  197. Buck N says:

    I’d wear this the best!

  198. Reizan says:

    Another one for my ever growing watch collection? This would be a nice addition…

  199. Brendan says:

    Would love to add that watch to my diver collection!

  200. AL says:

    Love the site, refer to friends and family all the time – would love to add the Lum-Tec to my growing collection.

  201. C. Gurney says:

    Saw the review for this watch the other day, immediately wanted it. What an opportunity; Lüm-Tec makes a great watch!

  202. Nuno Terra says:

    Great looking stealthy watch! Always been a fan of Lum-tec’s lume, hope to get this one for the summer.

  203. Ben Cadiz says:

    Love these Lum Tec watches – I really want to see them do a Stainless Steel version with Orange accents like the Omega PO.

    Would HAVE to buy it then!

  204. Andy Black says:

    Watch looks great! Hope I get one. I don’t have anything from Lum-Tec yet.

  205. Bob says:

    40mm sounds small to a big guy like me but seeing it in the video review it doesn’t seem that way at all. I’d love to verify that by having it on my wrist, though!

  206. Nick says:

    Never before have I wanted to win a contest this badly. I think Lum-tec is doing it right by watch lovers by going a bit smaller. They are ahead of the curve, as I think the “big fat dive watch” fad is on its way out. Gorgeous watch

  207. DBL says:

    I love these giveaways. Thanks for the opportunity.

  208. Jarrad says:

    Lovely watch!

  209. Ash says:

    Wonderful style and fairly affordable, if it’s anything like some of their other models I would think she would be fairly bulletproof as well. Thank you for the opportunity W&W, been loving the reviews!

  210. Ken Jones says:

    Please please please… This watch is friggin awesome looking. As always, thank you for the awesome write-up guys!

  211. Keith1911 says:

    Awesome watch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. David says:

    It’s not surprising to see so many entries for this watch, it looks great!

  213. Jan says:

    I’m loving this LumTec, nice agressive looks, could use a toolwatch like this 🙂

  214. Kenji says:

    Always liked the lume on the Lüm-Tec and also like the thick crystal!

  215. Zundfolge says:

    Gotta love Lum Tec

  216. Dave says:

    Awesome little watch. Had my eye on Lum-Tec for a long while but so many of their offerings are 43mm+ which is too big for my liking. 40mm is just about perfect. Would look awesome in my watchbox and better on my wrist “wink wink”

  217. Jeff says:

    Handsome watch

  218. Leon says:

    Mine! Mine! Mine!

  219. Patrick says:

    Lume is absolutely insane! Great review, as always. Keep up the good work!

  220. Harti361 says:

    Great diver and nice shots….

  221. BG says:

    I’ve discovered watches late in life and have you guys (in large measure) to blame. Great site, great layout, great reviews. Well done, but now I want far too many watches…

  222. Henry G says:

    Great site! Love these reviews and giveaways

  223. law says:

    Beautiful watch and great review!

  224. Mitch says:

    Lum-Tec wrote the book when it comes to high visibility dials. Love this watch! I have lusted after one of their Tungsten Carbide case watches for a long time but this one will definitely do me just fine!

  225. LGG says:

    Great thorough review as always, I have been a fan of Lum-Tec for a while now and I love this watch, especially the sapphire bezel.

  226. Great watch. Love this website!

  227. Mike says:

    Fantastic watch in a great size, it must be mine!

  228. Nice watch and great review! :”)

  229. Inkoo says:

    Great looking watch.

  230. Nicholas G says:

    Great watch. Good luck all!

  231. Anther Worn and Wound winner

  232. Edo says:

    A great looking watch.

  233. James says:

    I wouldn’t buy one but I’d sure have one for free!

  234. Stephen says:

    Always wanted a Lum-Tec in my collection. I haven’t been disappointed with any of their releases.

  235. George says:

    This would look amazing on my wrist!

  236. Yoann says:

    I really like Lüm-Tec watches, the lume is pretty impressive (and beautiful), hope to see one in real once!

  237. Loved PVD-finished steel link bracelet.

  238. Bruce says:

    Awesome looking watch!

  239. JJ says:

    Great watch!

  240. I’d love this watch.

  241. Philippe P says:

    I will dream of it 🙂

  242. Fabian says:

    Amazing watch and nice website. I would love to win this one!

  243. tbego1 says:

    Naturally, the Lume is outstanding, I can’t wait to wear it!

  244. Stuart says:

    Another chance to win a watch sure I’m in. What a awesome website with great reviews. I’d like to see more reviews on affordable (<$1500) watches with interesting complications. My favorite, power reserve meter.

  245. Ray says:

    Looks way better on wrist than in the stock product photos.

  246. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  247. David K says:

    Great review on a compelling watch!

  248. Dave P says:

    I hope I win!

  249. Dan H says:

    Very cool watch. Would love to add to the collection!

  250. Bill Jones says:

    Still looking for my first Lum-Tec!

  251. Brad T. says:

    Sweet lookin’ watch!

  252. Michael says:

    You know what would make this watch awesome? If it were on my wrist.

    sigh… maybe one day.

  253. Mark M says:

    Great looking watch!

  254. Matt B says:

    Great watch! Always liked the Lum-tec brand.

  255. Colin says:

    I have been lusting over pvd watches lately. I would love a chance to own this!

  256. I don’t own a Lum-Tec yet but this would be a great starter!

  257. Man this watch looks awesome, thanks for the opportunity!

  258. Brian G says:

    Nice looking watch!

  259. Daniel S says:

    Cool opportunity to win a great watch!

  260. Ross says:

    Love the depth!

  261. Evan says:

    that thing looks pretty nice.

  262. Nick says:

    Definitely a function-first watch, thanks for the brand intro.

  263. Rob says:

    sweet watch!

  264. Love this site, but a little jealous you guys came up with the idea before I did. If you ever need a writer in the NYC/LI area, let me know. Would love to get some free watches to play with too! 🙂

  265. Hatch says:

    Come to daddy.

  266. James says:

    great looking watch

  267. Tom says:

    I just found this site a few weeks ago, and I’m addicted already! Great work!

  268. Zach says:

    I really like the two different lume colors and the two available sizes. Beautiful watch! Thanks for the great review!

  269. Terpxxx says:

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