Out Of The Blue: Serica Debuts The Eye-Catching 5303-3 Diver’s Watch

The Serica 5303 was one of the releases last year that to this day, is still very much stuck in my head. Everytime I see a photo of the diver passing through on my social media feed, my digital scroll is immediately halted. It’s a visually striking watch. At the time, I didn’t know whether to concentrate on the peculiar dial layout, split bezel display or the solid articulating end links that transition into a tapered mesh bracelet. That said, it didn’t take long for me to adjust to the distinct aesthetic and to understand that the Serica 5303 is really its own thing.

Since its inception, we’ve recognized Serica for their monochrome colors and sterile dial design. From my experience with owning a Serica, they’re easy to wear and seamlessly blend into any uniform. Today, and for the first time in their young catalog, Serica has decided to add a bit of color into the mix with the release of the 5303-3; a diver adorned with a shade of blue that has been a year in the making.


The shade of blue used in the dial and the bezel are what distinguishes the 5303-3 from the rest of the 5303 divers. The blue used in the outer portion of the bezel doesn’t really look blue at first glance. To my eye, it has a light gray, ghosty patina effect to it. But when I looked more closely, especially at the photos where the watch appears to be exposed to sunlight, the crystal blue toned bezel really came into view. It’s most certainly a dynamic shade and this was the exact look Serica was trying to achieve when developing the polished ceramic insert. To the readers seeing the 5303 for the first time, you’ll notice that the split bezel provides dual functionality by reading elapsed minutes using the outer display, and the ability to track a second timezone using the 12 hour inner display. Balancing out the radiance of the bezel insert, is a more subtle midnight navy blue dial.

The Serica 5303-3 retains the eccentric dial layout with rectangular markers at the cardinal hours and lollipop markers for the remaining hour plots that reach into the center of the dial. It’s strange, but the broad hour hand lines up with the lollipop hour markers, and the lines from the same markers fill in some of the negative space on the dial. The case silhouette also remains the same here with the 5303-3, spanning 39 mm in width, 46.5 lug to lug and 12.2 mm from top to bottom. Optimal measurements in my book and additional bonus points to Serica for giving would-be owners the option to choose between a three o’clock or nine o’clock crown placement.

At the core of the Serica 5303-3 is the Soprod Newton automatic movement. The Soprod Newton is fitted with a double-cone Incabloc for shock absorption, as well as a cross-through bridge for additional protection. Some are a little hesitant about the relatively “new” movement, but if you listen back to the Worn & Wound podcast with Serica founder Jerome Burgert, he explains how the Soprod Newton is actually based on an older and well vetted movement (The French ETA at the height of mid century French watch movement manufacturing) that was made in the 60s with over 26 million of pieces of this caliber being produced. The Soprod Newton comes with a 45 hour power reserve and an accuracy rating of -4/+4 seconds per day.

The Serica 5303-3 features 300 meters of water resistance, C3 Super-Luminova, and a steel bracelet design that we’ve only seen a few brands pull off. The Serica 5303-3 uses solid endlinks that articulate and transition to a finely tapered mesh bracelet. The latter characteristic is what wins me over here as I appreciate a generous taper with my steel bracelets (The 5303-3 bracelet tapers from 20 mm to 16 mm). How does the bracelet wear and feel you might ask? Well, to quote our very own Blake Buettner, “Silk on the wrist.”. Well said Blake. The Serica 5303-3 will appeal to those who have been longing for Serica to dabble with a bit of color, but won’t turn off those who prefer the black dial traditional look (guilty). Either way, there’s no doubt that the Serica 5303-3 diver will look as good in the water, and out of it.

The Serica 5303-3 is available directly through Serica for the price of $1,372 including VAT. Serica

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