The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 27: A Chat with ICON’s Jonathan Ward

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Today, we’re joined by ICON-founder Jonathan Ward, a well-known name within the automotive enthusiast community. But Jonathan’s a lover of watches too, and he recently unveiled his first-ever watch under the ICON brand—The Duesey, a limited edition jump hour inspired by a Duesenberg speedometer. In Episode 27 of The Worn & Wound Podcast, we talk to Jonathan about his company and new watch, his design process, pet peeves (*cough* date wheel typography) and a whole lot much more. Jonathan brought with him a prototype of The Duesey. Powering the watch is an ETA 2892 base with a Dubois-Depraz 14400 module. It measures 42mm and features a titanium case (polished grade 5 titanium bezel and crown; sandblasted grade 2 titanium mid-case). Perhaps the most stunning element of the design, however, is the dial made of genuine polished onyx stone, which gives the dial a depth unlike any black dial you have ever seen. The Duesey is limited to just 50 units. Jump down to the gallery at the end of this post for a better look at the watch, and visit ICON for the full rundown on the specs. To stay on top of all new episodes, you can subscribe to The Worn & Wound Podcastnow available on all major platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and more. You can also find our RSS feed here. And if you like what you hear don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes. If there’s a question you want us to answer you can hit us up at [email protected], and we’ll put your question on the queue.

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Show Notes:

As always, we’ll kick things off with a wrist check.

Jonathan’s Minerva monopusher chronograph.

And the stunning caliber within.

Zach’s Omega Speedmaster Mk 4.5

Blake’s Brew x Worn & Wound HP-1 LE

Adam Wrigley’s 3D-Printed Triple-Axis Tourbillon

At the end of the podcast, Zach mentioned a really cool 3D-printed tourbillon by Adam Wrigley, which we covered a while back (apologies for the memory lapse, Adam). Check out our video below to the see the device in motion.

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