The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 292: Catching up on New Releases, Including a Complicated Timex We Can’t Quite Figure Out, and a Beach Inspired Limited Edition from Czapek and Collective

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake and Zach are chatting about a range of topics. First up: the unique appeal of the Formex Essence, a watch that Blake just reviewed (in the lightweight Leggera line). Zach also just picked up a 39mm Essence, and there are a lot of fun features in these watches that add a ton of value to the entire package. They discuss a few new releases that caught the community’s attention, including the new Group B Rallysport Chronograph from Autodromo, and a peculiar GMT from Timex, which claims to track three time zones, but Blake seems to think might track up to five(!) simultaneously. It’s a somewhat confounding release that we’re excited to get a hold of ourselves, if only to figure out with certainty how it actually works. There’s also a stunning new release from Czapek and Collective, with a gorgeous beach inspired dial.


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