Sinn Goes Full Titanium and Bronze with New T50 Dive Watch

Sinn has released a new midsize diver with some big time specs to kick off their 2023 releases with the new T50. This is a watch that may seem familiar at a glance, as a follow up to the popular U50 released in 2020, but there’s plenty new here to set plenty of distance between the two, the biggest of which are the use of new materials, which include titanium and a new Sinn developed alloy called Goldbronze. This is a proprietary material that boasts some unique features in the service of longevity and functionality in true Sinn fashion. It looks pretty good, too. 

The T50 arrives in three main configurations, going from full Goldbronze in a limited edition 125, to a mix of titanium and Goldbronze in the GBDR, and finally a fully titanium example that forgoes the use of Goldbronze altogether. All look to share the same mid case design and proportions of the 41mm U50, which is a very good thing (see our review of the U50 here). This rather svelte and wearable package gets a remarkably stout 500 meter depth rating, and with the T50 adds Sinn’s Ar‑Dehumidifying inside the bottom left lug.


The dial and bezel present the biggest departure from the U50 design language, departing from the brutal blocky design of the hands and hour markers in favor of a more approachable look that utilizes bar shaped hour markers and a pair of broadsword hands. The look may be more palatable to those who found the U50 a touch too aggressive, however it comes at the expense of a distinctively Sinn design language. The bezel gets larger grooves than we saw on the U50, and more importantly, features a press-and-turn design to prevent accidental turning. 

The limited edition Goldbronze 125 reference receives an irregular decorative grinding dial texture that we’ve seen before on the likes of the U1 DS and a sage textile strap that each pairs beautifully with the bead blasted Goldbronze case and bezel. This material is unique thanks to its high purity, which is one eighth gold for increased corrosion resistance to seawater and less irritating to the skin. It will still darken with age, though more slowly than traditional bronze alloys. A special cleaning cloth is provided to get it looking back to new if desired.

The T50 GBDR uses a titanium case and a Goldbronze bezel for a nice mixture of the two materials, and will not be limited in production. This can be had on a full titanium bracelet, as well as a gray rubber strap option. The dial here is flat black with the same hand and hour marker design. It’s the same story on the base T50 which is entirely titanium. All of the watches make use of the Sellita SW-300 and keep the same 12.3mm thickness making for an exceedingly wearable yet hard core diver. 

The T50 Goldbronze 125 will be limited to just 300 examples, and is priced at $5,760. The T50 Titanium GBDR with Goldbronze 125 bezel is priced at $4,270 on a textile strap, and $4,670 on a rubber strap or titanium bracelet. Finally, the T50 in titanium is priced at $3,840 on both the bracelet and rubber strap. All of the watches are available now, and we’ll get our hands on them next month for a closer look. Sinn.

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