Speedcubing Just Got More Exciting: G-Shock Releases Collaboration With Rubik’s Cube

You can always count on G-Shock to find creative ways to produce fun and unexpected collaborative projects. I mean what other brands can say that they have created limited editions with the likes of Dakar Rally participant Team Land Cruiser, animated whimsical science-fiction Rick and Morty, and streetwear juggernaut Kith. Well now you can throw the Rubik’s cube into the mix as G-Shock announces the Rubik’s x G-Shock Limited Edition GAE2100RC-1A which incorporates all the neat traits and ruminating features that made the Rubik’s cube the iconic brain-racking puzzle it still is today.

Immediately you’ll notice the Rubik’s cube that takes up the entire dial display. G-Shock uses the corner of the solved cube cleverly as it acts as the center of the dial and shows off three solid colored sides of the Rubik’s cube while also adding a 3D effect to the dial. The GAE2100RC-1A is based on the GA2100, which over time has gained popularity in its own right within the enthusiast community by its octagonal profile and modding capability that has the watch take after a certain integrated steel sports watch. But back to the GAE2100RC-1A, the dial display is exactly the same as the aforementioned GA2100 with a sub-register at nine o’clock that reads the day of the week and a parallelogram (paid attention to the Geometry lesson that day) shaped display taking up the lower right quadrant of the dial and presents the digital display for it’s multiple timing functions.


The GAE2100RC-1A has all the features and functions that we’ve come to expect from any type of G-Shock. The case comes in a 48.5mm width x 45.4mm lug to lug proportions equipped with shock resistance, a light but sturdy protective layer in the carbon core guard structure and 200 meters of water resistance. The nifty timing features include a world-time function displaying over 31 different time zones, five separate alarm settings, hand shift feature (analog hands reposition themselves to fully display digital readings) and a stopwatch function which would come in handy in the event you wanted to time how fast you can solve a Rubik’s cube.

Just like the Rubik’s cube, a combination of swipes, swivels and turns will change the entire look of the GAE2100RC-1A. With the help of a special tool provided by G-Shock, you can switch out the white bezel that comes on the GAE2100RC-1A for a black bezel (also included). Accompanying the resin band is a green keeper and orange pin and buckle, which combined with the tri-colored dial and white hands (and bezel if that’s the one you choose to keep on) complete the Rubik’s cube color scheme.

G-shock playfully takes cues and aptly draws several parallels from the classic puzzle cube. The one parallel that personally resonates with me, and I’m sure this was not G-Shock’s intention, is the problem solving aspect for both the watch and the Rubik’s cube. I remember years back watching videos and reading instructional articles on how to solve the pesky Rubik’s cube. And it’s sort of akin to how I spend time on YouTube watching G-Shock reviews just to get an idea of how the watch works and figuring out which button does what. That’s maybe a stretch, but it’s the first thing I think about when I see the Rubik’s x G-Shock collaboration.

This project is a fun mash-up of nostalgia created by a watch brand that knows how to make a proper collaboration work. Pre-order for the Rubik’s x G-Shock GAE2100RC-1A begins today and will most certainly add some amusement to your collection. The Rubik’s x G-Shock GAE2100RC-1A retails for $150. G-Shock

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