Swatch SISTEM51 is Finally (almost) Here


If you’re like us, you’ve been quietly waiting in suspense for the day that Swatch SISTEM51 watches became available in the US… Jealous of our Swiss friends as they’ve been enjoying them for sometime. Seeing them appear here and there on instagram and at watch meet-ups… It’s the first Swatch in sometime that has really captivated the watch enthusiast community, with its extremely innovative movement, celebrating not only what Swatch the brand has achieved, but also Swatch Group, pioneering watches across all prices points.


Well, you can finally relax, as the Swatch SISTEM51 will be available in the US next week. In true Swatch fashion, they aren’t simply going to arrive, rather, they are hosting two SISTEM51 pop-up shops to properly launch the watches in the US. The first will take place on July 1st at Swatch’s NYC flagship store in Times Square at 1528 Broadway and the second in San Francisco on July 8th at 101 Grant St on the corner of Geary Avenue. From what we understand, the pop-up shops themselves will be designed to mimic the SISTEM51 watches, taking you through the story of the design and the movement through visual elements.


We’ll be sure to grab a few ourselves, so look for a review of these interesting pieces of horology in the near future. The Swatch SISTEM51 is available in 4 colors and costs $150, making it a properly affordable timepiece.

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