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The Ultimate Desk Diving Holiday Gift Guide With The Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42

Sometimes, a single gift can set the tone for the holiday season. This year, with the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42 as our guide, we’ve curated a selection of gifts that will serve as perfect companions to this beautiful and contemporary sport watch from Germany. Whether it’s that certain something for the office, or a spruce of color for the kitchen, we’ve got you covered, all inspired by the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42.

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42

Let’s kick things off with the watch that inspires it all, the new Club Sport Neomatic 42 from Nomos. This is a watch that embraces the brand’s iconic design language in a robust 42mm package that has been built to withstand harsh conditions. Including up to 1000ft of depth resistance. A rich sunburst blue dial hosts sharp white hour markers and hands for maximum legibility, while a date window at 3 o’clock has been color matched to the dial for a subtle yet practical level of complication. A 3-link or single wide link steel bracelet ensures a comfortable yet confident fit, while the DUW 6101 automatic caliber inside (featuring the NOMOS-Swing-System escapement) brings the power. Not to mention a pretty incredible view around back. 

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RAMA Works M65-C Mechanical Keyboard


We often take the simple tools we use everyday for granted, and chief among them is the humble computer keyboard. It is a visual part of our work space, and a tactile tool we depend on for countless strokes each day. Why shouldn’t it be beautiful? Why shouldn’t each word typed be a welcome tactile experience? With the RAMA Works M65-C we find a convergence of form and function with a modern base and clean aesthetic paired with a fully customizable firmware, and of course, your choice of switch. It’s the perfect companion to the clean and functional Club Sport Neomatik 42.

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Grovemade Monitor Stand

Grove Made

This monitor stand from Grove Made is as beautiful as it is useful, giving you at once more space, and a more ergonomic view of your monitor. The organic grain will elevate the mood of your work space with a slim organic presence, all while providing a surprisingly practical amount of space underneath. This stand is designed, manufactured, and hand-finished entirely in the US, and proves you don’t need a lot of material to make a big impact on a space.

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Juli Plastic by Werner Aisslinger


From the mind of the designer that brought us the latest NOMOS Autobahn collection, Werner Aisslinger, comes the Juli Plastic chair by Cappelinni. Boasting an ergonomic curved shell design for thoughtful comfort, this chair will make an impression both visually and practically. Offered in a vibrant color palette, along with customizable bases, the Juli Plastic has enough range to go from the kitchen to the boardroom without looking out of place. Bespoke colors are also available by request. 

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PC Portable Lamp from Hay


Sometimes we take the ordinary objects that surround us for granted, as these can provide an opportunity for creativity and expression that can be felt on a daily basis. This PC Portable lamp is a perfect example, bringing an inspired design to an otherwise nondescript tool. This simple, organic shape appears as simply an object of design when not in use, and its array of available colors will bring a moment of levity to an intimate space. The ability to provide light sans any wires makes it highly practical, as well. 

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Porsche 917K 1:18 by Amalgam Collection

Amalgam Collection

Beautiful design, incredible craftsmanship, and capturing the spirit of adventure all bind the Nomos Sport Club Neomatik 42 with this 1:18 scale Porsche 917K from the Amalgam Collection. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this model recreates the 1971 le Mans winner in all its glory at a scale that will fit on your living room table. It’s the perfect gift to provide some authentic racing drama to your living space.

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Make the most of your holiday season with design inspiration and incredible watches from Nomos. Learn more about the Sport Club Neomatik 42 right here, and discover their full collection of timepieces here

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