The Virtual Windup Watch Fair is Almost Here!

The Virtual Windup Watch Fair is just two weeks away and we’re extremely excited to get the show underway. Today we wanted to share a couple of exciting announcements and preview a bit of what’s in store for the 12 days of Windup. 

First, we’re happy to share that we’ll be running a pretty epic giveaway throughout the Windup show. We’ve got over 20 prizes up for grabs from a number of the brands participating in the Virtual Windup Watch Fair, including Christopher Ward, Lorier, Zodiac, Brew, Stowa, and Yema, among many others. We’ll be sharing complete details about this giveaway in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back on Worn & Wound to learn more. 

We’re also running a special promotion on the Windup Watch Shop throughout the Virtual Windup Watch Fair. During the 12-day event, all purchases from the Windup Watch Shop will be eligible for double points through our loyalty program. Instead of earning 5 points for every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 10 points. So, if you purchase one of our Model 2 Premium straps for $95, you’ll get 950 points instead of 475. Purchase a Hamilton Khaki Field and you’ll receive 4,950 points instead of 2,475. That’s a pretty great deal – just 5,000 points get you $50 off your next order. 


So what can I expect at the Virtual Windup? Great question! Every day of the show, we’ll be publishing at least one video interview, along with some other types of content, like product announcements or podcasts. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite drops from throughout the show.

Saturday, November 14th – We’re kicking things off with an interview with Seiko’s Eric Hoffman to discuss 55 years of Seiko dive watches, including the recently released Built for the Ice Divers collection.

Monday, November 16th – Jonathan Ferrer talks to us about his brand new Retromatic line, including what inspired these new pieces and what his design process looks like. 

Tuesday, November 17th – Hamilton CEO, Vivian Stauffer, takes us behind the scenes of their partnership with Christopher Nolan’s new film TENET and the development of their BeLOWZERO line. We also take a look at their new Khaki Aviation Converter collection. 

Wednesday, November 18th – We go inside the workshop of Bespoke Watch Projects with Founder John Beck McConnico and discuss his unique approach to watchmaking. 

Wednesday, November 19th – If you’re a fan of Oris, you’re going to want to tune in today. We start the day off with a guide to Oris’ conservationist timepieces, which date back over a decade. Next, we’re publishing a podcast with Luis Clemente, President of the Roberto Clemente Foundation, and VJ Geronimo, CEO North America of Oris Watches. We talk about Roberto Clemente’s legacy and the recently-released Big Crown Pointer Date Roberto Clemente Limited Edition. Lastly, we cap off the day with a video interview of Rolf Studer, co-CEO of Oris Watches, about their new Caliber 400 movement and the recently-announced Aquis that features it. 

Thursday, November 20th – Christopher Ward CEO, Mike France, tells us about their impressive roster of 2020 releases and how they managed to thrive in such a challenging year. 

Wednesday, November 25th – We end the Virtual Windup Watch Fair on a high note with an interview of TJ McKnight of Zodiac. We talk about their latest releases and recent partnership with Paul Nicklen. 

You can check out a full content schedule on the Windup Watch Fair website. You can also explore the latest product releases on the brand new Product Showcase

We’ll check in again before the Fair is live. In the meantime, to stay up to date on the Windup Watch Fair, be sure to:

See you (virtually) in two weeks!

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Blake is a co-founder of Worn & Wound. He spends most of his time focused on day-to-day operations and producing the Windup Watch Fair. You'll most often find him wearing one of Worn & Wound's Limited Edition watches.