[VIDEO] How We Travel With Watches

Traveling with your watch offers the perfect opportunity to bond with it in ways not possible in your normal day to day routine. It might even give you the chance to use some of those complications you’re always telling people about. But beyond that, the hussle bussle of the airport and landing in a different time zone allow you the opportunity to appreciate your watch in a different light. Sometimes the best travel companions aren’t “travel” watches at all, but rather watches that are easy to adjust on the go, and have the broadest range within your wardrobe. This leads to some rather unexpected watches being well suited for the role of travel watch. 

In this video, Blake Buettner and Thomas Calara discuss what they look for in a good travel watch, with a selection of watches from their own collections that often find themselves on the go. We’re also incorporating a good candidate from Oris, a new Diver 65 with a 12 hour bezel.


All this in service of wearing our watches more often, and traveling with fewer rolls and pouches in tow. And, of course, actually using our watches. This is a topic we’ll visit in an upcoming podcast, but we’d love to hear your thoughts so jump into the video above and leave a comment on YouTube or in the comment section below. If you make the jump over to YouTube, be sure to give our channel a follow, we’ve got plenty of new video content in the works, from reviews to reactions, you’ll find it all there.

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