Worn & Wound’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guides: Ed Jelley’s Picks

The temps are dropping, the days are short, twinkling lights are everywhere, and the local radio station is playing “Jingle Bell Rock,” “White Christmas,” and literally nothing else. That’s right folks, the holidays are here. Since it’s the season of giving, and we know many of you are like us and need help figuring out that perfect gift, we thought it would be fun for Worn & Wound team members to share some holiday gift ideas. Over the coming days you’ll see suggestions in a range of price points and categories, with a few great selections from the Windup Watch Shop thrown in for good measure. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

I’m a notoriously tough person to shop for. It drives my family and friends crazy every year. What do you get for the person that’s not only very particular about their things, but also “has everything?” If that sounds anything like you or someone you know, then hopefully my picks for this gift guide will help you and your loved ones out. I chose a few elevated consumables that you might not buy for yourself on a regular basis, but are great to give or receive as a gift. There’s also some buy-it-for-life gear that’s built for the long haul. Let’s dig into it.

Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Bar

Dropping $20 on a bar of soap may seem crazy, until you get your hands on one of the Exfoliating Body Bars from Baxter of California. This long-lasting, 7oz bar of soap is packed with jojoba meal and crushed olive seeds for a gentle, yet invigorating exfoliating effect. It lathers up exceptionally well and leaves your skin fresh, clean, and toned. It’ll fill your shower with the masculine, but not over the top aroma of cedar and oakmoss that’s ideal for daily use. While the scent is strong in the shower, it won’t sit on your skin all day long — perfect for staying out of the way of your favorite cologne. 

$19 — Shop Here


Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s Pick Subscription

Coffee is my beverage of choice, whether it’s hot or cold out. Stumptown is one of the best, most consistent roasters in the game. They work directly with coffee farms all over the globe to support infrastructure improvements and fair pay for their farmers. It’s nice to know that they’re doing good in the world beyond just producing an excellent cup. The Roaster’s Choice subscription will get you a fresh bag of coffee to your door at whatever interval you choose. By letting them pick the coffee, you get to try a bunch of coffee from different regions, each with their own distinct flavors, aromas, and characteristics. They always have some cool limited edition mugs in the shop too, which can be a nice add on.

$20/shipment — Shop Here 

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 31

Watch people focus on the small details, and so do the folks over at Chris Reeve Knives. The Sebenza is one of the sturdiest production knives in the game, designed and manufactured in their Idaho-based facility. I like the “Small” model for everyday use. It’s got a CPM S35VN (a steel known for its wear resistance, toughness, and ease of sharpening) blade that’s a hair under 3” that is ideal for EDC use. The blade is sandwiched between two machined titanium plates with an integral locking system (the lock is part of the handle) that makes use of a ceramic ball detent to keep the blade shut when you’re not using it. The use of premium materials, innovative design, and quality feel and finishing remind me of the practices that mean so much in the world of watchmaking.

$375 — Shop Here

Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Choinard and a Better Sweater to wear while reading it

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, wrote an incredible book about his life and business called Let My People Go Surfing. It’s not often that a single book can change the way you look at how the things you buy impact the world so much. For me, a lot of the ways I think about consumerism, business, and the environment were upended after reading it. Chouinard explains why his company always seeks out the best product, only does what’s necessary, and how he and his team have made Patagonia a great place to work, whether you’re his employee or a contractor. It’s his attitude and approach to the topics in the book that make it easy to read and enjoyable. If the book isn’t enough, pick up one of Patagonia’s 100% recycled polyester “Better Sweater” fleeces to read it in. They’re built with the environment and workers in mind to last a very long time. Each jacket is Fair Trade Certified, which puts money directly into the hands of the workers who sew the garments. Should a zipper break or hole wear through, Patagonia is always down to fix it through their “Worn Wear” traveling repair truck.

$15 — Shop Here/$139 — Shop Here

From the Windup Watch Shop: Raven Solitude in Gray

After recently spending some time with the Raven Solitude, I was smitten with the watch. The gray dial is what lured me in, but the solid fit and finish are what made me hit the checkout button. This 40mm dive watch draws inspiration from both modern and vintage pieces, without being overly derivative or “homage-y.” The brushed and polished finishes on the case feature razor-sharp transitions, while a matte bezel provides some more interesting visual appeal. With 300 meters of water resistance, applied indices, a solid bracelet, and some bright lume, the Raven Solitude is up for anything. At $480, the watch represents an excellent value too, especially given the high level of detail put into the piece.

$480 — Shop Here

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