Gen-Z Has Discovered Snoopy, But Watch Collectors Got Here First

Snoopy of ‘Peanuts’ fame has flown planes in World War I, gone to space, and been a baseball star—now he’s taken on a new role as a fashion and lifestyle icon for Gen Zers. In a viral moment that has come upon us rather unexpectedly (as these things always do) members of a younger generation seem to have discovered the iconic beagle all at once. 

Thanks to his worldly, casual confidence and enormous puffy coat, Snoopy has reached a level of popularity he probably hasn’t seen since ‘Peanuts’ was in print. To which the watch community says: welcome aboard the Snoopy train, we’ve been here for quite some time. For all the new Snoopy fans out there, here’s a brief rundown of the history of the relationship between comics’ most famous dog and the watch industry, along with some of the best Snoopy watches you can pick up.


Snoopy has graced the dials of watches since the 1950s, but his popularity among watch nerds has skyrocketed (pun intended, you’ll see in a second) since Omega featured him on the Speedmaster for the first time in 2003 in recognition of the watch brand being award NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award. The award was given in recognition of the key role the Apollo 13 astronauts’ Speedmasters played in the calculations they made to get home safely. The backstory for the watch, the difficulty in obtaining one of these limited edition pieces, and the bit of whimsy Snoopy adds has made instant classics of every Speedmaster with Snoopy featured on the dial. 

The Omega Speedmaster has it all, and that includes a hefty price tag. Fortunately for those looking for a bit of space Snoopy on their wrist, his association with the space program has led to countless Snoopy in space watches out there. A personal favorite is the models Timex released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The Timex Standard, Weekender, and MK1 all got the Snoopy treatment, and, unsurprisingly, all sold out rather quickly. A subtle touch: Snoopy’s name is written on the watch dials in the NASA worm font.

Initially just a normal dog when introduced in 1950, Snoopy started communicating in thought bubbles two years later. Then, it was off to the races. With a vibrant fantasy life, Snoopy has adopted a variety of personas, something that watch brands have chosen to highlight over the years. Bamford, for example, has a “Joe Preppy” Snoopy watch and a “Beagle Scout” model. Both feature Snoopy front and center on the dial, with his arms serving as the hour and minute hands, while sidekick Woodstock serves as the pointer on a GMT hand.

Bamford also released a tennis Snoopy watch in collaboration with King Nerd this July. It’s an update on a classic design by Timex, first released in 1976 and re-released in 2022. The Timex features Snoopy mid-serve, with a tennis ball second hand.

Timex has perhaps done more in the Snoopy watch genre than any other brand, with nearly 50 different ‘Peanuts’ watches on Timex’s website at present, most of which feature Snoopy. The Timex Expedition x Peanuts Beagle Scout and Timex Legacy Ocean x Peanuts are standouts, with fun looks that are more than just a Snoopy image printed on a pre-existing Timex design.

Much of Snoopy’s enduring popularity has to do with the television specials, movies, and shows he’s been in, but he is still first and foremost a comic strip character. Seiko captured this with the brand’s pair of limited edition Seiko 5 Sports in May, which worked almost entirely with the black and white color scheme Charles Schulz did most of his Peanuts strips in over the years. The font used on both watches is based on Schulz’s handwriting in the strip as well, giving the pieces a rough simplicity that evokes the old fashioned, hand-drawn warmth and charm of the funny pages. It’s a welcome bit of nostalgia in the age of A.I. art.

There’s no better way to incorporate Snoopy into your wardrobe than a timepiece. It walks the line between classy and fun, like Snoopy himself does. Just don’t join Snoopy in how he chooses to express his fondness for a watch…

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Alec is a writer and editor based out of Washington, DC, currently working as a congressional reporter. His love for wristwatches started at age 10 when he received a Timex Expedition as a birthday present. A film buff and tennis fan, Cary Grant and Roger Federer played influential roles in continuing to develop his interest and taste in watches.