[VIDEO] Worn & Wound Reacts: The Titanium and Goldbronze Sinn T50

Last week, Sinn dropped their new releases for 2023, taking us by surprise with a new titanium clad T50 diver, and a new material called Goldbronze. As long time Sinn enthusiasts, Blake and Zach took the time to offer their reactions to the new release, and compare the new dial design to that of the U50, a with which the T50 shares the same platform. We find a lot to love here, along with a few details that don’t hit quite as hard as we’d like. All things considered, we’re definitely here for more titanium Sinn divers, and this is the most Sinn approach possible to using bronze.

You can find more of our Sinn coverage of the new releases right here, and you can read some of our favorite our Sinn reviews right here. Let us know your thoughts on this new release from Sinn in the comments below or on YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

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