Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017: Meet the Brands Pt. 1

Worn & Wounds Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017 is less than a month away, and it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: We are beyond excited to kick off this year’s show. Last year’s fair was an absolute blast, and this year’s, with an even bigger vendor list, is sure to be the best one yet. So if you haven’t done so yet, now would be a good time for you to mark your calendars: Wind^Up 2017 is taking place October 27th through the 29th at Chelsea Market in New York City. We’ve got a killer lineup for 2017, with a little bit of something for everyone. So whether you’re a long-time watch geek or a first-time watch buyer, you’re not going to want to miss this one.Starting today, we’ll begin highlighting the great vendors making this year’s show possible.





Oris (Lead Sponsor)

Oris is no stranger to Worn & Wound, and it’s no stranger to Wind^Up, either. This is Oris’ third year participating in the show, and with all the great watches they’ve got going for 2017, the storied Swiss independent is sure to be a huge draw. From their killer collection of pilot’s watches to their bombproof divers, Oris boasts a wonderful catalog of well-priced, Swiss-made watches of all stripes. Oris

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MK II (Featured Sponsor)

MK II is a one-man boutique brand, with proprietor Bill Yao at the helm of a meticulous operation focused on small-batch production. MK II recently launched their ready-to-wear collection, a line of Japanese-made watches recreating historically important military watches, among them the Mark XI and Benrus Type 1. MK II

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Autodromo (Featured Sponsor)

Autodromo founder and designer Bradley Price is a car guy through and through, and it shows in his watches. While most brands fail to distill automotive inspiration, often overdoing it to detriment of the overall design, Price masterfully captures the motorsport spirit in each of his collections, be it the dash of ‘50s-era Italian sports cars or the aesthetic of ‘80s Group B racers. Autodromo

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Van Brauge (Featured Sponsor)

Founder Max Van Brauge is a trained watchmaker and engineer with 25 years of experience within the watch industry, having worked for some of the biggest Swiss firms. Van Brauge is the culmination of that experience, with an ethos that mixes high finishing and modern construction with a more classic British aesthetic. Van Brauge


ADPT Strap

Three years in the making, ADPT Strap is our recently launched collection of nylon watch straps made entirely in the United States, from the nylon and hardware down to the thread itself. You’ll be able to shop the entire collection at the show. ADPT Strap


Formerly known as MMT, Auteur was founded by two French designers in 2011. The brand’s catalog of minimally designed timepieces, among them the Moonlight and Revolution series, features a high level of finish that belies the accessible price point. Auteur

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Founded by Etienne Malec, Baltic is a relatively young brand out of France that made a splash when they launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on bringing accessibly priced, vintage-inspired mechanical chronographs and three-hand watches to the market. The collection was a huge hit, and now it’s your chance to see these fantastic pieces in person. Baltic

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Brew Watch Co.

Brew made a splash in 2015 when they launched their inaugural collection of watches inspired by coffee. The resulting watches, however, weren’t literal interpretations, with the designs instead pulling on clever cues to create beautiful and unique timepieces. Brew will be showcasing their latest model at Wind^Up. Brew Watch Co.

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