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Talking Vintage Watch Restoration Ethics with James Lamdin, Eric Ku, and Eric Wind

The vintage watch world can be a minefield. But the three experts we talked to …
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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 103: Hamilton Electric Watches with Jarett Harkness of Unwind In Time

On this week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast, Ilya chats with Jarett Harkness of Unwind In Time, a shop that specializes first and …
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Hunting for Vintage Watches in Tokyo

Tokyo’s vintage and second hand watch scene is unlike any other you may have experienced. It’s so unique, in fact, that earlier this year Bill …
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The worn&wound Podcast Ep. 13: “I Would Call Myself an Accumulator”

In this episode of The worn&wound Podcast, we kick things off by talking to worn&wound contributor, Hung Doan. Hung’s an old-school collector (though he believes …
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Meet Sammy Sy – the Creator of Watch Recon

If you really want to find a watch second hand it can be an arduous …