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A Conversation with Tom Anstead of Anstead Watches

A few weeks ago, we got the chance to chat with Tom Anstead, owner and designer of Anstead Watches. Anstead is a retired officer of …
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Hands-on with the Second Generation Anstead Oceanis

When I heard last spring that Tom Anstead was going to come out with an updated version of his Kickstarter-fueled Oceanis, I was eager to …
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Anstead Oceanis Review

Back in September, we introduced you to the Anstead Oceanis, a Kickstarter watch project that managed to stick out from the crowd for being, well, …
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Pairs Well With: Anstead Oceanis

We were super excited about the Anstead Oceanis kickstarter that happened a few months ago. We thought; finally, someone is using kickstarter to fund a …
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Anstead OCEANIS: A Kickstarter Watch for Real Watch Nerds

The abundance of watch projects on Kickstarter is old news. The internet’s most popular crowd funding website is jam packed with a vast array of …