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Introducing the MK II Cruxible

Watches based on WWII mil-spec designs are, it seems, a dime a dozen these days, so what can be done to make such a watch …
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MK II Hawkinge Review

MK II is an American boutique brand focused on producing tool and military-inspired watches with designs honoring some of the greatest mil-spec timekeepers ever created. …
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An Interview with Bill Yao of MKII

Bill Yao, the founder of MKII Watches (started in 2002), has built a devoted following for his homage watches that are known for high standards …
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MKII Nassau Giveaway! CLOSED

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congrats David T on the win! Yesterday, we took a detailed look at the MKII Nassau, a USA assembled …
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MKII Nassau Review

MKII is a bit of an anomaly in the watch world. Their watches are immediate cult favorites, they base their designs largely if not entirely …
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Review: MKII Sea Fighter

The MK II Sea Fighter is a watch steeped in military and horological tradition, from a company with a compelling and principled philosophy.  With rugged …
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MKII Vantage for Epaulet

I’ll start this post with a disclaimer: by the time I had a chance to write about the watch that inspired this post, it was …