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Benrus Type I and Type II MIL-W-50717 Military Dive Watches

When I think about all the things a military issued watch should be (robust, legible, functional), no watch comes as close to perfection as the …

Affordable Vintage: The Bullitt Benrus

Hitting the auction block this weekend is Steve McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4. With estimates ranging from $8-12 million, the car is on track to …
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Marathon General Purpose Mechanical LE Review

This little watch with military pedigree overcomes its small size and impresses with quality construction and wearability. When Marathon announced they were releasing a steel-cased …
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Time Spec: A Primer on Military Watches

From the beginning of its existence, the watch has been an information tool, giving its wearer some piece of intelligence that he wouldn’t have on …