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MMT: Modern Day Pocket Watches

If watches are anachronistic objects, not really exiting these days do to a need, then …

Hands-on with the Smiths/Timefactors PRS-36

Reverso, shmeverso.  Forget limited editor Jaegers with fake agency logos.  If he could, Don Draper would have strapped this Timefactors’ new Smiths PRS-36 to his …
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A Conversation with Tom Anstead of Anstead Watches

A few weeks ago, we got the chance to chat with Tom Anstead, owner and designer of Anstead Watches. Anstead is a retired officer of …
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Hands-on with the Visitor Watch Co. Calligraph Duneshore

If there was an overarching issue with new watches, especially when speaking about ones found on Kickstarter, it’s that a lot of the designs are generic. …

w&w instagram round-up #39

It’s been a few weeks, so there were tons of great pics to choose from. Here are but a few that stood out, enjoy! In …
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Style Saturday #3

Nike Kill Shot 2 Sneakers Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves Leather Goods by Hollows Leather Frye Walter boots made in USA – indy boot alternatives RRL …