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w&w Instagram Round-Up with an Omega Speedmaster ck2998, a Seiko 7a38 and a Vintage Minerva

It’s Saturday, so we’re back with another Instagram round-up of our 10 favorite watch snaps …
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A Tale of Two Speedies: the “Speedy Tuesday” LE and a Basel Preview

As watch collectors all over the world await the newest watches to be released, Omega got a head start on their competition by announcing two …

w&w Round-Table #16: What Watch Do You Most Regret Selling?

Flipping a watch is a fundamental right of passage for a WIS. Buying and selling is integral to watch collecting–tastes change, grails materialize, and sometimes …

w&w Instagram Round-Up #47

It’s Saturday. That means it’s time for our Instagram roundup featuring some of our favorite watches from the past week. From an assortment of Speedies …
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A History of Omega: From Observatory Trials to the Moon

It’s pretty hard to dispute – or underestimate – the importance of Omega SA when discussing the Swiss watch industry. They were an early and …

Watches and F1: The Schumacher Omega Speedmasters

The Omega Speedmaster is perhaps the greatest icon in the watchmaking world. For over 50 years, the Speedy has been the gold standard by which …

Omega Speedmaster: Variations

OK. We’ve surveyed the Speedmaster’s early years and its evolution to Professional status. And we’ve taken a look at how Omega reacted to the quartz …

Omega Speedmaster: The First 15 Years

The Omega Speedmaster is one of a handful of watches that can truly be called iconic. Known as the first watch on the moon, the …

Watches on the Screen: The Omega Speedmaster

When one thinks of space exploration and watches, the first watch to come to mind …