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Tutima Debuts the New M2 Coastline Chronograph, an Updated Take on a Classic Military Design

For reasons that quite frankly confound me a bit, Tutima is a brand that doesn’t …

Military Watches of the World: Germany Part 2—Post World War II to the Present

The end of World War II saw a shattered Germany divided into the Federal Republic of Germany (West) and the German Democratic Republic (East). In …
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Chronography 7: Military Chronographs

One of the traits we love about chronograph watches is that they’re tool watches. They’re useful, often specifically so.  Nowhere is that more the case …

Chronography 4: Lemania 5100

Even its mother wouldn’t describe the Lemania 5100 as ‘pretty’.  A child of the late 1970s, it grew up just as those nasty rough boys …
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Tutima M2 Pioneer Review

Tutima is a brand we’ve talked a little about here at worn&wound. We looked at the history of the brand here, and pined over the …

Tutima Watches: Richness in the German Horological Tradition

Here at worn&wound, we feel the German brand Tutima doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, especially since it was one of the pioneers in …

Yachting Timers & Watches

At worn&wound we’ve long been fascinated by watches that were designed specifically for individual sporting events. This is part of a series on these unique …

Watch Lust: Tutima Grand Classic Chronograph UTC

Many of the watches we buy, wear and love today are rooted in or call to a long-standing history of military horology, from faithful recreations …