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Hands-On: Triwa Nevil

I came across Triwa on accident. I was browsing tumblr and this weird watch caught …

Watch Lust: Variocurve by Nord Zeitmaschine

Sometimes a watch comes along that at first glance is baffling. Hands aren’t where you expect them to be, indexes are broken or displayed in …

On the Newsstand: June 2012

I was presented with a real thorny problem. Right before my eyes, the latest International Watch and WatchTime sat side-by-side on the shelf. The question …

Watch Mods: Luxury Watch Modding

I’ve always thought of watch modding as a bit of a double-edged sword.  Its great to see a unique, often one-of-a-kind take on a watch, …
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Review: Helson Sharkmaster 1000

As with the Helson Skindiver and the Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military, it is important to know the facts about the watch the Sharkmaster 1000 is …
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New Brand: Clomm and the Terra Firma Collection

Welcome Clomm, a Hong Kong based watch brand established by a British product designer, to the world of watches.  Gary Fidele, founder and designer of …

Watch Curmudgeon 4: The Art of the Browse

If you’re a bonafide watchaholic, you probably get tremendous pleasure out of gazing at ultra high-end watches in magazines, on the internet and in the …

Pairs Well With: Nixon Time Teller

Though technically it is not summer, it sure has gotten hot quick, and time to break out the summer clothes is certainly upon us. Lighter …