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Lüm-Tec Combat B16 + Super Combat B2

The Combat B line of watches by Lüm-Tec appeal to that macho side of our …
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Lüm-Tec Combat B16 + Super Combat B2: Part 1

The Lüm-Tec Combat B16 and Super Combat B2 watches clearly have a lot in common. They are part of the same series, have basically the …
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10 Black Watches for Under $1,000

Not that we really needed an excuse to put together a list of all black watches, but we are using Halloween as one anyway. So, …
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From Bell & Ross to Timex: The Heritage Military Watch

There have been a slew of vintage military style watches hitting the market recently, featuring a black face, beige symbols and a tan or brown …
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Pairs Well With: Lüm-Tec Combat B17

Obviously, fall is the best season: colors get darker, patterns get more bold, clothing gets heavier and materials more sumptuous. And given that slight chill …
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Review: Lüm-Tec M33 Phantom Chronograph

Where do I even begin to discuss the M33? When I first saw the Lüm-Tec M33, lurking in a watch forum somewhere, I immediately knew …
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Hello Darkness: Lüm-Tec M33 Teaser Gallery

Just got my M33 and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos. Just out of the box, I am very pleased with the M33… It …