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[VIDEO] Tudor’s Latest Divers Flex Serious Sub 40mm Muscle

It’s no secret that enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to great dive …
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[VIDEO] Tudor’s Pelagos 39 Joins Good Company; P39, FXD, BBPro, BB58 Comparison

Now the Pelagos 39 has had a chance to sink in, and the new shininess has worn off a bit, we can take a closer …
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[VIDEO] Review: The Almost Too Good Tudor Pelagos 39

The Pelagos has always been a watch with no middle ground. It’s not for everyone, and it never really tried to be. It wore its …
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Tudor Gives Us The Sub We’ve Always Wanted In New Pelagos 39

After some uncharacteristically cryptic teasers, Tudor has revealed the new Pelagos 39 this morning. Their latest diver is a watch none of us had readily …