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The Art of Time

The Art of Time: Konstantin Grcic and the Unique Minimalism of the Rado Ceramica

One of the most difficult distinctions to understand is the the fine line between simplification …

The Art of Time: Dieter Rams and His Ten Principles of Good Design

Most of us here at worn&wound stand by the idea that every watch—and by extension, every watch designer—has something to teach us about what makes …
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The Art of Time: Marc Newson and the “Pod”

What makes a design modern? If there was a defining factor to making an object look contemporary, stylish, or even futuristic, it’s streamlining. The idea …

The Art of Time: Roger Tallon and the Lip Mach 2000 Chronograph

Playfulness is an easy thing to forget in design, especially among the constraints of watches and other industrial goods. There’s an impulse to create something …

The Art of Time: Taro Tanaka and Seiko’s “Grammar of Design”

Welcome to the second installment of “The Art of Time,” w&w’s ongoing series exploring iconic designers within the watch world. Last time, we discussed the …