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The Tourby Marine Enamel, Reviewed by The Watch Curmudgeon

I love watches! And I love to complain! Therefore, I love to complain about watches. …

Watch Curmudgeon 4: The Art of the Browse

If you’re a bonafide watchaholic, you probably get tremendous pleasure out of gazing at ultra high-end watches in magazines, on the internet and in the …

Watch Curmudgeon #3: On Watch Theft

Remember that article Blake posted on March 19 about the Pelican Watch Case? What a great idea! If you want to keep your growing watch …

Watch Curmudgeon #2: So Many Watches, So Little Time

I have a feeling that many of you are going to identify with what I’m about to say. Very often I get extremely jealous of …

The Watch Curmudgeon #1

Introducing the Watch Curmudgeon: a new column on worn&wound that is intended to be a humorous and sarcastic break from the normal articles we feature. …