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A History of Omega: From Observatory Trials to the Moon

by Ed Estlow 08.04.2014

It’s pretty hard to dispute – or underestimate – the importance of Omega SA when discussing the Swiss watch industry. They were an early and more than worthy rival to…Read more »



Summer Footwear: 4 Styles to Keep You Cool this Summer

by Ilya Ryvin 06.19.2014

We’re experiencing a sort of weather limbo in New York City; it’s not exactly spring, and it’s not exactly summer. But, in the spirit of the long-deceased Eddard Stark, summer…Read more »



Summer Watch Guide 2014

by 05.27.2014

Being that yesterday was Memorial Day, a day that might mark the beginning of summer hours if you work somewhere that believes in such things, it seems like an appropriate…Read more »



Suited and Booted: The Wary Shopper’s Guide

by Ilya Ryvin 05.16.2014

With our last “Pairs Well With” piece, we dressed up the Seiko SARB033 by matching it with a classic navy business suit. That pairing was a bit of a departure…Read more »



A Guide to Rugged Solar and Kinetic Watches

by Li Wang 04.15.2014

Of course there’s nothing like a finely tuned auto and the sense that your watch is powered purely from the motion you provide. Well, stop romanticizing watches for a moment.



A Guide to Super Compressors

by 03.24.2014

The term “Super Compressor” is one that is quite often misused these days. Most people associate Super Compressor (SC) with any watch that has dual crowns and an internal rotating…Read more »



Time Spec: Military Watch Markings – Deciphering the Code

by Brandon Cripps 03.17.2014

One of the more interesting and unique characteristics of military watches that sets them apart from their civilian counterparts are the issue markings.  These numbers and symbols – sometimes on…Read more »



Soccer Timers

by Ed Estlow 01.06.2014

A few months ago we began a series on unique, niche sports watches. That first article was about yachting timers. Here we present the second in the series: football/soccer timers….Read more »



worn&wound 2013 Retrospective

by 12.30.2013

Wow, 2013 is over and it’s been a fantastic year for worn&wound! We’ve more than tripled our readership, made various improvements to the site all around and, most importantly, acquired…Read more »