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From Repeaters to Foudroyantes, an Overview of Impressive and Unusual Complications

After delving into the history and implementation of some of the more commonly seen complications …

Complications: the Mystery Dial

Allow me to begin with an admission; a mystery dial isn’t really a complication. That is to say there isn’t any extra functionality or information …

Complications: Splitting Time with the Rattrapante

The chronograph often features at the top of people’s lists of the most loved or desired complication. Whether it’s timing laps at the track or …

Complications: Moonphase

A complication is usually defined as any information displayed on a watch over and above simply telling the time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Many …

Complications: GMT and World Time

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just have regular communication with people in different time zones, knowing the time in more than one place can …

Complications: Dates

The humble date is one of the most ubiquitous complications in all of horology, so much so that it is almost taken for granted. Movements …

Complications: Mechanical Alarms

One of the more utilitarian—but not often seen (or heard)—complications is the mechanical alarm. For many of us the morning routine involves winding, swirling or …

Complications: The Jumping Hour

When thinking about the most desirable and useful complications, the jumping hour (also known as a jump hour) isn’t normally at the forefront of people’s …