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Watches and F1: Tissot Lotus F1

This one’s a bit of an oddball, really. Almost completely forgotten and overlooked by both …

Watches and F1: The TAG Heuer Formula 1

When talking watches and Formula 1, one name comes up again and again- Heuer, or in more recent times TAG Heuer, and this series would …

Watches and F1: Seiko 6138-8039 “John Player Special”

The Seiko 6138 is a model that’s mentioned a lot in watch collecting circles, and for very good reason. While it’s not Seiko’s first automatic …

Watches and F1: The Heuer Jacky Ickx Easy-Rider

editor’s note: I’m excited today to bring you the first article by a new contributor to worn&wound, Sean Lorentzen. Sean’s a young writer with a …
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Affordable Vintage: Cyma WWW, One of the “Dirty Dozen”

In the early 1940s, the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) published a set of specifications for a wristwatch to be issued to their soldiers. The …

Omega Speedmaster: Present Day

Speedys in the movies (and TV). Speedmaster, the early years. Graduation to the Professional ranks. Electronic, quartz, and other Speedmaster variations. We’ve seen a lot …
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Affordable Vintage: 70’s Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph

Over the years, Bulova has produced a boat load of differently styled divers and chronographs. During the 1970’s, they made several different diver chronographs with …

Omega Speedmaster: Variations

OK. We’ve surveyed the Speedmaster’s early years and its evolution to Professional status. And we’ve taken a look at how Omega reacted to the quartz …
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A Guide to Super Compressors

The term “Super Compressor” is one that is quite often misused these days. Most people …